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My Big Chop | Video and transition story to natural hair

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Today I’m sharing something a bit different – It’s a hair story ya’ll and I petition you to read along.

On March 2nd, 2016 I did my big chop, and for those who haven’t a clue what that is — It’s best described as a major life event consisting of cutting off previously chemically straightened hair to transition to a full head of un-treated hair (Hence the term natural) lol. My friend Jennifer documented the whole process for her YOUTUBE channel and I’m so glad I was able to have this experience saved in such a special way.


 big chop journey 2

In May 2011 I decided to get serious about taking care of my hair. I was always able to grow my hair, but I would abuse it by over straightening and colouring while I was in high school. It would grow and then break off — Let’s just say I was clueless when it came to caring for my hair even though I was really good at styling. In the picture above to the left – I had decided to get a bob when Rhianna was inspiring women all over the world to ‘bob it’. I jumped on that bandwagon and got a salon cut, but a couple of months later I noticed that I wasn’t making any progress in growing it back. Then, I decided to do something about it.

I did a ton of research and with inspiration from my cousin who’d been caring for her hair – I got serious about achieving hair health as well. To get there I started relaxing my hair every 6 months, limited blow drying and straightening my hair to about twice a year, and kept very consistent with oiling and moisturizing my hair. As you can see in the rest of the pictures – It surely paid off!

big chop


It really didn’t take much thinking on my end to make the decision. It was something I said once – and decided to go for. I didn’t know I’d want to go natural, at least not as soon as I did because I was getting great results and my hair was really thriving. But there was always so much time in between my relaxers every 6 months, so when I would start to see my new growth it would get me excited about what it’d be like to embracing being natural. Now, I wasn’t as excited about cutting my hair, so I decided to transition for a long time to ensure that I would have some length before I cut.

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And here you have it lovelies – I’m all natural and loving every second of it! Make sure to check out the video. I couldn’t embed it on the blog as I wanted :(, but click the link and it’ll take you right to Jen’s YT channel.

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think.


Before and after

4 replies on “My Big Chop | Video and transition story to natural hair”

I am so grateful to have been part of this journey, at least the beginning of the newly natural stage! I am sure you will have nothing but fun with that mane of yours! xo

YES! I am so happy it was no one else but you who got me to NATURAL! You’re awesome! Our next project will be in NEW YORK!

Great post, Kristina! I’m still a relaxed girl, but learned a lot from my gorgeous cousins who are natural. They pretty much taught me how to care for my hair and I’ve achieved a lot of growth over the past 1.5-2 years. For me, the turning point was weekly deep conditioning. Then using less heat and using way more oils and moisturizers…

Great post! I’ll check out your channel!

Hey Dom! Thanks for dropping by! Your hair is a testament to your hard work and dedication. Love it and love your channel!

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