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How I edit my Instagram Pictures | Fashion Blogger

** DISCLAIMER | I’m not a photographer, I just do it this way because it works for me. Affiliate links used on the Photoshop link ** WATCH VIDEO HERE OF ME EDITING ON YOUTUBE SHOOT YOUR PHOTOS IN CAMERA RAW | OR USE THE CAMERA RAW EDITOR | To Access the Camera Raw Editor | […]


Frequently Asked Questions: All your technology, haircare and blog strategy questions answered

Thanks for dropping in. You’re likely here because maybe you’ve in boxed me a question before, or left me a comment I was never able to answer. I’ve been getting a lot of messages lately on Instagram and sometimes I’m able to read them and not give them the time it truly needs. I thought […]

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Fashion blogging hacks: Things fashion bloggers do to make life a bit easier

OUTFIT DETAILS – TRENCH | BOOTS | JEANS | PURSE Blogging ain’t easy (I know it looks quite the opposite lol). It takes a lot of time and discipline, like many things in life. But it’s a creative outlet that really suits many personality types and gives us a platform to share the things we know and love. […]

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My tips on making a creative/self employed career work (for me)

1. Support your venture, don’t expect it to support you: I’ve been blogging since before 2011, which is kind of a long time. I have always been quite inconsistent until last year – so I like to say I been truly blogging for about a year and half. I say all of this to say […]

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Natural hair must have products

I’ve been natural for about a year now after a two year transition and Ive honestly only started to get the hang of things. I’ve identified some things my hair likes and also identified the opposite – the products and styles my hair despises. If you believe or know anything about hair typing I have 4a/b […]

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Places to take blog pictures in Ottawa

If you are a blogger or photographer in Ottawa, you probably have your own secret photo locations that you know will guarantee you an awesome shot. I do too, and after lots of questions about where I take my pictures, here’s a roundup! The funny thing is, I went back to all my favourite spots a […]