Boyfriend Jeans on a casual Winter evening

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It can be said that the fashion industry may inadvertently be organized in such a way as to make consumers feel subconsciously guilty for not owning and promoting the latest trends. I mean lets be honest — the bottom line has to be met right? — making the pace at which new collections filter in and out of this coveted enterprise comparable to the time it takes to fly from Pearson Int’l to MacDonald Cartier airport. Pretty quick huh? Being on trend is ever “trendy”- and in the social age in which we exist, where influencers are more frequently emerging from hubs that are better known as “behind a computer screen” – the frequency and chatter surrounding on trend “These and Thats” are easier to come by. I do enjoy dabbling into various trends such as the boyfriend jeans featured here, but am often that style violator wearing them long after they’ve been disposed of.

As a blogger who still considers herself a NEWBIE – I often drift into thoughts of keeping up with trends to reach a wider audience. As I continue to evolve, I wonder if I should begin blogging trends and more looks featuring pieces that are currently in store. Is blogging the latest of threads and keeping strictly in line with TREND mandatory of a credible fashion/style contributor? I pull up to these conclusions every time my thoughts take me on this ride –

1. I COULD never [or at least currently] afford to keep up with designer runways –

2. I am not necessarily fond of all ‘products of the runway’ that transform into mainstream trends found at the mall

3. I love my ‘old clothes‘ too much to forget about em’ once they are out of season — I’m just so sorry!

In conclusion, I will continue to blog what I like to wear – Even if it may not always be the latest. I guess the higher up you are in the blogger chain justifies the importance of featuring the most recent collections. I get it, I really do [lol]  — But I do have to wonder at times if the blogging A-list ever want to head into their closet archives and pull out a to die for piece from Spring 2011 per se. Hm.

……. Appropriately routing me to highlight these $5 dollar super steal of a boyfriend jean I picked up at a Toronto Bluenotes sale. YESS, bluenotes — and three years ago! It’s pieces in my closet like this that spark my prior concern. I love these jeans and couldn’t ever envision letting them go — Should I continue to fit in them thats is. Pairing them with my so called ‘Olivia Pope’ coat as my cousin references it – this look is Winter EVE (INDOOR EVENT) approved. Now it’s up to you to choose where you’re going!

Checkout the outfit deetes below and thanks for reading!

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boyfriend jeans 3 boyfriend jeans 4 boyfriend jeans 5 boyfriend jeans 6boyfriend jeans 7JEANS: Bluenotes [Similar] | TOP: Reitmans [Similar] | SHOES: ZARA [Similar] | COAT: ZARA [Similar] | JEWELRY: Osolee and Forever21



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girl- it is WAY more interesting (not to mention relevant to my life) for me to see real fashion of girls not wearing designer stuff. I love seeing thrifted/gifted items and how people make them all their own. You’re a gorgeous girl and this outfit is killer! For such a steal, I can’t believe the jeans fit so well!

♥ perfectly PRIYA

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