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Hey Kittens! I’ve been talking a whole lot about Fall Fashion 2013; especially in the weeks leading up to a definite transition to the nippier weather. If I didn’t believe the season of collapsing leaves and grey skies was here before – the below zero temperatures sure have me believing now! In my previous post featuring Forever21 Fur and Manitobah Mukluks it was NOT as chilly as it was yesterday when I shot this look – When I decided to wear this brown cardigan! What was I thinking!?

Well, I took a look outside and was super inspired by the colors of Fall against the grey backdrop of what looked to be approaching rain or snowfall. I remembered this cardigan existed in my F/W box and decided to give it a go!  I tend to think I can tell the temperature by looking outside. Who else does this? You think I would have learned by now that this approach continuously fails me! After looking outside my window, I concluded that it was PROBABLY just as cold as the days I shot the latest [two] style posts! I was wrong! Let’s just say these pictures took an approximate T minus 6 to 7 minutes [lol].

Overlooking the cold, I think it’s fun and exciting to style outfits according to the scenery of Fall. Many times Fall days and evening resemble each other for the most part; so you can’t really go wrong with Fall fashion 2013! I’ve noticed recently that the leaves are not quite as orange and they were weeks ago. The chillier weather has taken them from vibrant R-Oranges [reds and oranges] to crispy, deep and light browns; so I’ve decided to blend in !

Where do you gather your inspiration from when styling an outfit? I’d love to know!

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Followed back ! Ill follow you on twitter as well ! and yea girl lol – my mom got me this awhile ago from Reitmans and I was in love! Sometimes you come upon GEMS in the most unexpected stores 🙂

Helloo Sis xx So nice to have you! Thanks alot ! I just watched some of your videos on marriage and the other edits! very nice work, keep it up 🙂

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