Finish what you started


These are the words God has been whispering to me for the past week or so. He’s saying that it’s not time to walk away yet.

I don’t know what this means to you, but for me I’m talking specifically about this blog and my laundry list of dreams. Maybe for you it’s just a book to get through or a friendship God is calling you to give some more time to – I don’t know. I feel like there’s never been a greater time than this where God is working out my faith in him. I’m learning more and more that faith doesn’t stand still – it’s perpetual and forward in spite of self doubt and fear. Isn’t it odd that I’m learning about Faith in spite of always feeling like I have it. In regards to all my dreams – if I stop because I think I’m unqualified or not ready, then I don’t think God would appreciate that. He’s the only one who REALLY knows my capabilities and lack thereof. So, I’m challenging myself that with feelings of being unsure, afraid, and child-like in my pursuit of my dreams I’m showing God that I actually believe he’s in control. Idleness is just paralyzing fear – to the point you cant move. Sometimes I think, (Girl, you should probably hang up your macbook – have you seen the other amazing blogs out there? or Girl, who are you kidding.) But, the Bible says that we should call on God and he will answer, and show us great and unspeakable things that we didn’t even know were possible (Jeremiah 33:3)

Everyone has that unfinished something, I’m convinced. Even if it’s an unfinished sandwich (te-hehe), God is calling for you to see it through to the end. My prayer for me is that if there is something God would rather see me doing, that he directs me (and even more important, that I listen). But Lord, if the dream version of me is in line with your dream version of me – then let’s keep it moving.

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