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I’ve been natural for about a year now after a two year transition and Ive honestly only started to get the hang of things. I’ve identified some things my hair likes and also identified the opposite – the products and styles my hair despises. If you believe or know anything about hair typing I have 4a/b hair (with some 3c in the back of my head). Here are some of the products my dry, thirsty hair enjoys. If you try any of them, please DM me on INSTAGRAM and tell me what you think after some time using any of these suggestions.


1. Giovanni Smooth as silk Conditioner: This is considered a deep conditioner in the Giovanni line of products. It has a very thick consistency and smells rather normal (meaning it doesn’t have a strong smell, although it isn’t scentless). It’s very moisturizing and I like the results best when I use it with heat.

2. Jason smoothing Sea Kelp conditioner: This is my personal favourite at the moment. A good sign your conditioner is moisturizing your hair well is when your curls POP after conditioning. This does that for me and when I combine this conditioner with heat for a deep condition, I notice that my hair stays moisturized for a long period of time before it becomes thirsty and dry again.

Leave in

1. Giovanni Direct leave-in: This leave in conditioner has a similar consistency to the conditioner I mentioned from the same brand above. It is also very moisturizing, but it does leave somewhat of a film on my hair after using it. I overlook this sometimes, because of the deep moisture it gives me.

2. Garnier Whole Blends Smoothing Leave-in: My new favourite product with AWESOME ingredients would have to be this guy. It smells so good and my hair loves it’s nourishment. The combination of this product and the Jason conditioner I mentioned earlier keeps my hair ultra moisturized for 4 whole days before it starts to dry out.

3. Kinky Curly Knot Today leave-in:  I liked this product for its lightweight (NESS), but did find it paired best when mixed with water. The consistency is more runny in comparison to the others Ive mentioned.


1. Giovanni Smooth as silk shampoo: The first time I tried this shampoo, I hated it. It says it is supposed to be moisturizing on the bottle, but it is quite clarifying. The more I learned about my hair, the more I realized it needs and appreciates a deeper and more thorough clean. As a result, this has become my go to shampoo. If you’re looking for a deep cleaning shampoo with great natural ingredients – this is a good one.

2. Abba pure moisture shampoo: This shampoo has peppermint oil in it and I think that might be a big reason behind my love for it. It’s so cleansing and the tingling of the oil is very stimulating to my scalp. This might be my favourite of all I’ve mentioned in this category.

3. Shea moisture Coconut and Hibiscus shampoo: I had mixed feelings about this one after a couple of uses because it gives you a squeaky clean, but again have grown to love it. It smells good and has a semi-runny consistency.

4. Bentonite Clay: Oh messy messy clay! But on the flip side oh amazing, amazing clay. A lot of naturals swear by clay because not only is it cleansing – it is also highly moisturizing. Give it a try!


  1. Almond oil: I like this oil because it is extremely lightweight and virtually scentless. I’m only mentioning this one because it is the only oil I’m using at the moment. It’s changing my regimen for the better. If you are natural and have never tried this oil, ITS TIME.

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