NYC for the Holidays

For Christmas my family went to New Jersey to visit family. Seriously, it was an amazing trip – full of authentic love. We made our way to the city (NY) about three times during our trip, and BOY was it a wonderful time.

Smoke Jazz Club was the highlight of the trip. We ventured to Harlem and started the evening at a Mexican restaurant with a LIVE mariachi band. That was an unexpected treat. We needed to kill some time since we arrived at the venue for the show earlier than we should have.

Good food, lots of QUALITY family time and amazing kiddies with whom we made some forever memories! I miss the time with them.

Anyway where was I, after the restaurant (Fresh guacamole and a Pina Collada later), we made our way back to SMOKE for the show. Ouu those gentrified (side eye) Harlem streets were definitely vibing. NY City just has a VIBE. THE kind of vibe that inspires ….. in my opinion.

We also did TIME SQUARE. Basic tourist move, but necessary in my opinion again. It was the day after NYE, so you can just picture the confetti dancing in the wind and the hustle of NY continuing with no regard for it being a holiday.

Maison Kayser Paris for brunch

I didn’t capture EVERYTHING – since I wanted to live in the moment. But hope you enjoy these curated shots.


We got to catch the Saks Fifth Avenue lights show on our way to the ICONIC TREE at Rockafella Centre. It’s said the nearly half a million people drop by each and every day. That’s NUTS. If you didn’t see the tree at Christmas time, did you really go to NY? – yeah, you probably still did — but it was a must see for us. So grandeur and well lit. Hope your Holiday was full of joy as well.

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