Oh Ombre!

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Hiiyaaa ! 

Okie —- Who gets like me and just WANTS to — NEEDS to wear a skirt in the wintertime. Well, for all my ladies who can relate, here is a look I put together; with two pairs of stockings of course, to satisfy my desire for wearing a skirt in this frightful Canadian winter! 

Hope you like! If you are inspired to recreate please do not —- I repeat DO NOT step out into the snow with chunky Jeffrey Campbells and NO jacket; You WILL freeze and fall ; ) xx

Thanks for reading, see you soon! 


1. SKIRT —<> Zara

2. Top —-<> American Eagle

3. Tights —<> The Bay 

4. Bag —<> H&M

5. Necklace —<> Ebay

6. Cuffs and Bracelet —<> Ebay, Forever21, ALDO

7. Rings —<> ALDO & Suzy Shier

8. Shoes —<> Jeffrey Campbell 

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