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Joshua Tree? Nope, Chelsea, QB. (Palmier Cafe in Chelsea Quebec)

I know right! I stopped by the newly opened Palmier Cafe and after being there about a minute – I found myself saying to my life partner, Instagram husband AND real husband ….. (Omg I think I found my new favourite cafe). Now, you’re probably thinking — Really, Kristina! It became your new cafe simply off of looks alone? And to that I answer YES. Unashamed. I love a beautiful thing. It seriously gives me fuel and all the inspiration vibes as a content creator.

But it doesn’t end there. I also really enjoy a good coffee. I had an Americano – with a pump of vanilla and a touch of cream. YUM. It was super smooth, flavourful rolex cellini replica and the water to espresso ratio was juste PARFAIT! I also had a delicious scone. It was delicately buttery, with this great flaky while moist thing going on. I was told a girl named EMMA does her thing with the baked goods. They’re all made in house by Emma by the way.  Next on my try list is the date smoothie, a latte and a grilled cheese.

Ok so here’s a summary of events so far. Walk in, say “This is my new favourite cafe”, order my scone and coffee, sip (BITE) YUM, and then my husband invites me to take a look at what’s going on upstairs.

I walked into what mid-century modern, contemporary decor dreams are MADE OF. At this point, I’m about to pee in this white romper – well, because it was so beautiful. Guys, the detail. I poke my head out over the mezzanine and see my abandoned scone and coffee that I left in my hurried excitement to get upstairs. I was that excited. I completely left my things un-attended to head upstairs LOL.

I’m telling my husband to take a picture of everything all at once at this point (I get pretty inspired. Beautiful spaces do that to me).

It gets really good when Emmett, the barista walks by on his way to the cleaning supply closet and gives us a bit of a rundown of the notable design elements. Like the imported German doors that need a total shove to pop open, or the European windows that open TWO WAYS. John, my husband was excited to see them. He used to lived in Graz, Austria briefly and those were the window style in his flat (apartment) as they call it there.

I stepped outside to the most amazingly, shady – outdoor seating area (Patio style AND some seating options situated in the woody hills). This place was clearly thought out with high level detail in my opinion. I think It shows. There was even a small mini-putting green for customers to engage. Ugh – it’s all so good.

The cafe closed at 4:00 PM (Saturday hours) and by 4:10 I’m sure we were still hanging out. We finally decided to head back down where we bumped into the visionary behind the cafe …. (Renee). We chatted Hannah Rae (My baby) – the business, her parents, and potential ideas in the pipeline for the cafe. She has such a diverse background – none of which are in the you can try these out cafe owner/restauranteur space. She came together with her entrepreneur parents (who fell in love with Chelsea during a trip) – and decided to invest in a dream, NOW reality.

She spoke of potential open mic sessions for the future and private events hosted by the cafe. We talked about the diverse demographic of folk who have been loving the cafe and the flood of understandable business that has come through the door since opening.

Chelsea, QB has been blessed with a special thing.


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