Pregnancy Fashion: My really weird approach to comfort

It’s not an understatement that pregnancy fashion is no walk in the park. You have to rethink everything and every event you need to attend, because the truth is you just may not have anything comfortable to wear (Unless you’ve invested in a huge pregnancy wardrobe, which I refused to do). ‘Styling the bump’ (as it has been often referred to on social media) makes me feel best when I am comfortable and stylish all  in one. I really started showing at week 26-28 and since then finding an outfit each day has gotten harder and harder. But I’d like to say that I’ve gotten more and more creative. Check out some of the ways I’ve been able to stay stylish and comfy. These are my methods – haha and although odd, they’ve been super helpful for me!

pregnancy fashion 4

  1. Cutting the top half off of old dresses: Let me explain LOL. There are some dresses that I just wasn’t wearing any longer, that also had the elasticity to fit over my belly. These dresses were more form fitting pencil dresses and after I cut the top off – I was able to use them as a skirt. KNOW ONE WILL KNOW – All you do is drape a long top over the butchered dress and WAH-LAH — Maternity skirts for days!


2. Oversized jeans – I bought a pair of over sized jeans (featured in this picture) and although it doesn’t have a maternity band – they are so comfy because the waist is large. So I fold the waist over and it fit perfectly without digging into my belly, while staying up! I don’t know if this would work for every woman and body type – but It worked for me with these jeans. I wanted to invest in a pair of preggo pants and I’m sure they’d provide comfort out of this word – But I just haven’t been able to find any stylish ones I like yet.




3. Wearing comfortable materials: OK, tummy’s get itchy when you’re pregnant and it’s only exaggerated when you are wearing tops that are itchy or are not soft to touch. I have a couple of go to (super soft) tops that I reach for when I know I’ll have a long day, where being comfortable will be much appreciated. The same goes for the pants or skirt you are wearing, but I find that I need my tops to be extra sot to touch because of the itching that comes with a growing tummy.



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Thank you for your comment on my Instagram post. Its really uplifting when a sister compliments another sister. I love the way you balance style and comfort effortlessly. Your style is authentic and it depicts inner satisfaction and contentment. It is also elegant and timeless. I’m really admiring the way you are pregnant and still dressy. I’m also expecting but i don’t even feel like dressing up, putting on any make up or even taking pics. Keep it up,you are an inspiration to many.

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