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Hey beauties —

Ever seen someone being bothered by a wasp? If it isn’t you being ‘bugged’ it can be the most hilarious sight, RIGHT? We tend to squirm and sqeem in fear as the wasp pursues us, normally making matters 10 times more worse. Similar also to when a dog chases you! They say its safer in both situations to be still until the object of fear disappears. This isn’t easy! Staying idle when a wasp is after you; ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Its funny because we know its probably the safer option, but in the heat of the pursuit, survival takes over and we become frantic — Which also translates to the wasp, [OR DOG] that WE ARE THEIR PREY!

I find this same situation plays out in our own lives when things are not going as we envisioned them to go. Survival takes over, and WE take over. We move THIS, and affect THAT; all in hopes of solving our issue — and sometimes end up worse than we began. Only if we would remove ourselves and trust in SOMEONE who CAN meet our needs and fix our situations. Someone who understands us and where he has placed us more than we may ever understand. I don’t know about you, but for me that person is Jesus! He ACTUALLY says in Psalms 46:10 that we should ‘be still and know that he is GOD’ — BE STILL. That means DONT MOVE! This isn’t the easy part though. We may know that he is God, but we may still find it hard to place all our worries on him and STAND — UNMOVED. Or we may not EVEN know that there is someone out there who is willing to take on all our battles and burdens. 

I don’t know what you think — But at the moment I’m taking 6 classes in school and barely have time to eat lol — I’m going to NEEEED some help. SO I’m trying it out. I’m living in God’s word, so even though I don’t see the end — I’m going to be STILL  and know that he is God- Like he says!. Some may not understand, but for me Jesus is the only help I know. He’s been there for me before when it’d been even more hopeless, so why not again? Why not now? I can’t do it alone! : ) 

Thanks for reading — Look forward to some personal style in a couple of day ! xx 

Kristina A. 

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