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Hey Yall ! 

Today I want to encourage everyone to forget what they see and focus on having Faith in a situation that seems hopeless. 

My pastor at church used a great example yesterday to depict the idea of Faith over sight. Okay … So take a clock; just because we cannot see the mechanisms behind what causes the clock to function doesn’t mean that there isn’t ANYTHING at all inside the clock that causes the clock to TICK and TOCK. We cannot see within the device; yet, we still have Faith that when we look at a clock to tell us the time it will perform and give us an accurate representation of the time of day. Right? ….  Hmm : ) 

So what if we applied the same concept to an eternal being, and for discussion sake lets talk about Jesus Christ; just because I know he works. What if we were facing a situation that LOOKED inescapable, and instead of focusing on IT, we focused on having FAITH that it would pass in its due time. After a storm, comes a rainbow. Focus on the storm alone, and you tend to forget the rainbow that follows. Right?? 

I propose a challenge. I don’t know who you believe in, but I believe in Jesus. And I know that every time I put my FAITH in him rather than focusing on the tough time, I am always seen through as the Victor. So try it! I DARE YOU [LOL]. How can someone denounce something they’ve never even tried. Be encouraged and know that there IS someone out there that can help.

Focus on your Faith, not on what you can see and I promise you’ll be able to overcome ANYTHING! 2 Corinthians 5:7   

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