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Best grey coats under $200

Gray coat 2

Hey … Grab a mug, have a seat *Sips instant coffee*. I have a little tale for today.

Before the holidays I was on a desperate search for a coat. Not just ANY coat – But THE coat that would become my go-to; embodying everything I’ve ever needed in an article of clothing. Ok, it’s not that serious. But I was at the mall ALOT – and online even more. I started getting impatient, especially after I made up my mind that I’d be getting the coat from my Zara, which made the search that much harder.

Why Zara …. well because it’s chic and affordable. I didn’t want to spend more than $200 on a coat (*Cough Aritzia), so Zara it was. It’s one of my favourite stores, but with my budget I decided to stick to one store. Fast forward to sometime last week, the Zara sale begins to unravel (Zara new collection rolls in and BAM!) – under the chaos of the sale was the grey jacket of my dreams. Its the exact length and density I was looking for. I thought I wanted a jacket in camel or tan but thats OK, the grey is all I need. Patience pays guys; there were so many moments I thought of just blowing my jacket budget on a mini shopping spree – lol.

So, because it was so hard for me to find this coat here are other I found along the way under $200 CND:

  4. ASOS
  5. ASOS
  6. FOREVER 21
  7. ZARA
  8. ZARA
  9. THE GAP

Do any of you know what I mean, or am I nuts?. When you’re looking for a specific something that you see in your head but just can’t find it in any store? Can I get a witness?

Thanks for reading and check below for outfit deletes.kouturekitten

Grey coat 3

grey edit

IMG_9114Jacket: Zara || Top: Zara || Jeans: Armani Exchange || Purse: Michael Kors || Bangles: J.Crew (No longer online)|| Shoes: Le Chateau

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