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Hey Lovelies! How I’ve missed you all —

Don’t you just love that last pic!! Catch the Face!  Haha I love adding the pics that didn’t quite come out right; they add so much flavour to a post!

Also, don’t mind my ‘crumpled up’  misplaced shirt in some of the photos – All the ones I seemed to fall for came out this way : O !!! 

Anyways dear kittens, exams are all done and I am officially done my undergrad !! Woo-hoo Woo hoo ! Thanks be to my Lord and so excited for the next step! —

With all that said — I’m back with a new look! What do you think!? I called this post ‘Under the Sea’ because the skirt reminded me of just that. I think it’s actually a Hawaiian inspired print, but all I see when I look at it is the little mermaid’s habitat. This may be a result of my overactive creativity – Who knows?!

Anywho, forget what I see! – I’ve decided to enjoy the remaining days of hot weather whilst they are upon me. The best way I figured to tell Mr. Sun that I’m not quite ready for his departure is to display so in my outfit choices.  I’ve been enjoying the free flow of skirts and dresses lately – anything that exposes as little leg really!

I’d love to hear from you! How do you plan on celebrating the remainder of your summer days?!

Thanks for reading and it feels great to be back : )

Kristina A.  


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