Wearing Culottes: Outfit Idea


I’m kinda into this season’s trends! OTK boots, culottes, flared arms, I think I’ve worn it all. What’s really funny about the culottes I’m wearing in this post is that they have mysterious side slits that I didn’t know were there when I bought them. Let me let you in on a little secret about me: I hate trying on clothes in the dressing room. So, like most of my purchase – I saw it, it was cute (and affordable), I bought it! However, when I got home I saw the sneaky openings on both sides. Piece of advice #1 on wearing culottes: Try them on before you buy – ha! DO you have a pair yet? IF not – Check HERE | HERE | and HERE.

Anyways – All that to say, I love them anyway!

I wanted to keep the look simple, since the culottes make a statement on their own.

Piece of advice #2 on wearing culottes: Whatever pair your own or decide to go with, whether they are neon pink or blue with polka dots, they always work with a leather jacket. ALWAYS! The jacket adds a bit of edge, where the outfit would be super casual in absence of it. Invest in a good leather/faux leather jacket and have it on standby for moments where you want to jazz up an outfit like this one.

Piece of advice #3: If you’re like me these days, you value comfort over everything! If so, then wearing culottes will become your uniform. They’re almost pyjama like guys. I said almost. You’ll have to get a pair and see for yourself.

Piece of advice #4: Depending on your height I would recommend wearing them with shoes that have a bit of elevation. Now, of-course you can pair them with flats or sneakers depending on your personal style, but I have to say that culottes and heels, or a cute bootie really does help to take the look to a whole new place.

Let me know what your favourite way to wear culottes is? If you don’t have a pair, are they something you’d ever invest in? Leave me a comment, and look for the outfit details below : P




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