21 weeks pregnant: Update + more!!!


I’ve had something brewing for a while now and I’m so excited to finally share it with you. I AM PREGNANT, and boy has it been a ride. My husband John and I are OVER THE MOON about our coming blessing. Already, through carrying this little one for 5 months, I’m starting to understand the love of a mother and I think sometimes how amazing in love I ALREADY am with this bump lol. I can’t even imagine the love my mother must have for me. Such a gift to now have that perspective.

I can talk forever about the journey, but I’m really excited to share my pregnancy symptoms from week to week. I’ve been reading a lot of these online to help me cope with the harder days and to compare my symptoms to other women at similar stages, so I hope this helps someone. OR if not pregnant, please do keep read for general curiosity.

Month 1-3 (Week 1 to 13) | 

Morning Sickness: Yes, but minor

Nausea: Intense and ALL DARN DAY

Cramping: Yes!

Food Aversions: Almost every meat and green vegetable. Oh and sadly, water

Food Cravings: Sweets (Coke was bae) – I never even used to drink any soda at all before this + FISH TACOS

Hunger level: Intense always. I was eating every 2 hours

General Mood: Down. I felt crappy.

Energy level: Non existent. Always tired. Afternoon naps were essential

Hair, skin and nails: Hair grew. I didn’t notice any chances in my nails and skin.

Urine and Bowel activity: Not urinating too frequently because it was hard to drink water. Bowels were regular.

Headaches: Nope

Back pain: Slight

Weight gain: 5 pounds. All the baby

Weight loss: None

Stretch marks: None

Breasts: Tender and sore

Showing? Only in tight fitting dresses

Month 3-5 (Week 13 to 21) |

Morning Sickness: Yes, but still minor. They normally happen as burps with my lunch or dinner to follow.

Nausea: None

Cramping: Yes!

Food Aversions: Not many now

Food Cravings: Still sweets, still FISH TACOS

Hunger level: Moderate

General Mood: Happy!

Energy level: Good generally. Somedays are low.

Hair, skin and nails: Hair grew. I didn’t notice any chances in my nails. Skin has started to blemish 🙁

Urine and Bowel activity: More urine, more bowels! WOO HOO lol

Headaches: ugh too many!

Back pain: YES! and rib pain

Weight gain: I should check, not sure. But my body hasn’t changed, only changes are the baby bump.

Weight loss: None

Stretch marks: None

Breasts: Tender and sore and growing

Showing? Only in tight fitting dresses. Bump is still small!


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HAHAH! I did before I was preggo to an extent but NOW, its over the top! Thanks for reading <3

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