A note to my forever love, Happy Love Day.

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Happy Valentines Day My Love.

I’m sitting here with you right now and you have no clue what I’m doing. I can hear you working hard, practicing the piano and it’s really late. The most disciplined man I know. You’re devotion is inspiring. I can’t help but cry sometimes when I think about  YOU… (My friend John, all along). You’ve given me true love and I thank God for you today and always.

The way you love me calms me. Think back to the year we started dating. Remember, the woman of constant worry that I used to be? I wasn’t sure. Would you be someone I could trust? You never changed babe. You’ve always been consistent in love and sacrifice, and thats all the evidence I need to believe in forever.  You encourage me until I believe, you sit with me until I’m ready to talk, you compliment me until I’m uncomfortable. You never rush me emotionally, and your patience in all things is God given.

We laugh so hard, we play like kids — we wrestle until I fake cry so I can win; you believe me every time [Ha!] You’ve exceeded my every expectation. Thanks for being none other than YOU. So this, my love, is my Valentines Day gift to you. YOU always beat me to the surprise, SO SURPRISE. Let’s just say this is a blog post I won’t be asking you to proofread 😉

I love you John Dapaah,

From: Kristina (Same last name) 😀 

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Reading this made me smile throughout!
Totally love you guys!
Hope you had an amazing Valentines Day<3


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