The REAL Gossip GIRL: Identify them in your life


Hey Lovelies,


I have to admit it’s been a long time since I contributed to the FAITH section of my blog. It’s awful and there should be no excuse, but because Im undoubtedly human there is one. I really want to give the caveat that this section IS the hardest for me to stay consistent with. Sometimes I just don’t know what to write and other times I don’t feel like I am doing my part in seeking God consistently to have something to deliver to you. That’s the unfiltered truth. I pray that moving forward, 2016 will be the year of God on my blog. That I will make a way and allow the Lord to  L E A D. If you are on the same page with me in this prayer please comment AMEN down below!

Ok that aside, today I DO – have something to share. Something that I’ve had to deal with recently —————- GOSSIPING. Me, being on the receiving end in this case. We’ve all done it, so if you you can’t identify please leave your holy shoes at the door of my blog’s URL and refresh the page LOL.

WIKIPEDIA says that a gossip is described as idle talk or a rumour, especially about the personal or private affairs of others; the act of it is also known as dishing or tattling. And I’d kindly like to add to the description by writing that it is often accompanied by anger, frustration, hurt or envy. It’s actually quite easy for me to identify when myself or someone else is gossiping, and I want to share what I’ve figured out. These are the signs that you should look for in your own life to END gossiping in your circles or to identify if you need to distance yourself from people who do. Take a look at these scriptures first that are a great reminder why gossiping isn’t encouraged as a believer.

Proverbs 6:16-19 | Proverbs 16:28 | James 1:26 | Matthew 12:36 | Psalm 34:13 | 2 Timothy 2:16

  1. If someone is commenting on ANOTHER person’s situation that they did not witness firsthand, or if they are commenting without having a friendship with the person in question [THATS GOSSIPING].

The question to always consider before commenting on another person’s situation is whether or not what you are saying is out of LOVE, or simply attention seeking Chatter. A lot of instances of gossip involve someone talking about a person they aren’t friends  with or haven’t met before. It’s normally hearsay that has landed on someone else’s tongue, which is a QUE to QUIT TALKING. How can you comment on someone’s misfortune or choices without the oh-so-important context of relationship. The childhood game Telephone has already warned us of broken information once it passes from person to person, so why continue to carry passed along stories about another. Also, if you know people who are always dishing on personal information that they weren’t there to see, that should hint you to gossiping behaviour.

2. If someone is talking about a misfortunate that happened to another (firsthand or not) and fails to lend a helping hand  [THAT’S GOSSIPING]

Why comment on someone’s situation, if the concern isn’t to help? I mean, it’s best to not say anything especially if this MISFORTUNE that is unfolding was never something you witnessed. Someone may not be in a position where they want to be helped, or may not even need it; but the question here is on intent! How do we really know if  the information about someone we hear is really true? And if you did witness someone go through something that they’d otherwise be reluctant to share themselves, then reaching out in help rather than ‘telling their story’ is the most uplifting contribution you can make.

3. If someone shares information they promised not to share, unless someone is in danger [THAT’S GOSSIPING] 

The most frustrating thing is to open up to a friend about a personal matter and to have the very thing you mentioned be repeated in another setting. Ugh! Even amongst a close group of friends, it’s inappropriate to share news with your other friends that was only meant for your ears.  As a child of God, it’s important to live life with integrity at every turn. No one else may know that you’ve chosen to share a piece of information that was entrusted with you by a friend, but God knows the heart and the character we talk about people and things with.

Gossiping counters the way God wants us to relate to each other in love. It doesn’t please him and he actually detests it. Without an emotional connection to someone’s shortcoming, it can be so easy to whisper – but always remember how you’d want the situation to be addressed if you were the one with the vulnerable information at stake. Stay clear of the gossip girl and if that’s is you – ZIP IT! kouturekitten


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