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This is why I loved staying at the ANDAZ Hotel Ottawa


I had the privilege of staying at the ANDAZ HOTEL in Ottawa a couple of weeks ago when my husband surprised me with a stay for my birthday. I’d been wanting to check out the new Ottawa hotel and was happy that I finally did. I was curious to see what it was all about because I’d seen gorgeous photos of the hotel’s interior and perceived experience on social media. I believed that the photos would live up to an experience that was just as fabulous and I was right.

My birthday started with a relaxing spa day at Le Nordik in Chelsea where my hubby and I sipped lattes overlooking the Chelsea woods, while nearly dehydrating ourselves in heated saunas and steam rooms. It was just the getaway I needed. After the spa, we grabbed a pastrami sandwich from La Bottega Nicastro and headed back the car to drive to what I thought was going to be my moms house to hang out before getting ready for dinner.

I sit in the car, but my husband doesn’t. He goes to the trunk and pulls out a large suitcase and says let’s go. GO WHERE?! I follow him blindly as he walks towards the glorious ANDAZ and by this time I’m confused, although secretly knowing where we were going.

I’m so excited at this point – eyes as bright as diamonds as we walk up to the modern, less is more check in counter. I’m stunned at the detail already introduced as I walked through the door. To my left is the ever hip bartender mixing drinks at the restaurant that sits on the main floor FEAST + REVEL. To my right is a lobby adorned with faux marble tables and trendy mid century modern furniture.


After checking in and getting an updated room that gave us eyes on the Ottawa Parliament we head to our room which lived up to all the ANDAZ hype in my opinion. From the signature ANDAZ copper finishes to the statement shower that could house a little league team – I knew this birthday would be so special. I was so inspired by it’s beauty and couldn’t wait to unwind under the pillowy all white duvet.

What to do now? So many possibilities before heading for dinner about 4 hours later. Should we head to the market and grab a Beavertail? Or head to the Rideau Centre to window shop, just to take a gleeful walk back to my coveted home for the night?
I decided to take some blog pictures instead while my husband took a short nap. The inspiration was oozing through my bones and the hubby’s surprises had exhausted him. It was a win win.


We did step out after the nap for a bit to head back home to grab something I really wanted to shoot for the blog and when we came back we were greeted by two bottles of complimentary champagne and chocolate cake. Can this hotel be anymore perfect? We popped open the bubbles and scarfed down the cake, just in time for showers and dinner preparation.

We ate dinner at Gazellig on the corner of Richmond and Churchill where I started with a delicious Pappardelle pasta and went on to have the duck confit – while John worked through his delicious Octopus. We cured our sweet tooth with some peanut butter and jelly gelato. YUM.

The next morning was shoot day. My hubby told me to pack some pretty rad outfits before heading out because he knew Id want to do some pictures for the blog and he was so right. I met the general manager to get permission to take photos in the lobby and he kindly allowed me to “go right ahead” as he kindly suggested.

My birthday weekend was perfect and my stay at the ANDAZ was all I imaged it would be and more. From the inspiring decor to the generous hotel staff acknowledging and helping me to celebrate. Oh …. and let’s not forget to mention those tasty local sodas by Kitchisippi Beer co. (Harvey and Verns) that we enjoyed from complimentary mini bar. In my opinion, it was all F A B U L O U S .





Thanks so much for reading. Find my outfit details above ^ !

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