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Fashion blogging hacks: Things fashion bloggers do to make life a bit easier



Blogging ain’t easy (I know it looks quite the opposite lol). It takes a lot of time and discipline, like many things in life. But it’s a creative outlet that really suits many personality types and gives us a platform to share the things we know and love. My growing audience has been starting to ask questions about blogging and social media and I’ve also been finding out more and more about the industry from talking and connecting with other bloggers. I personally know bloggers who have full time jobs outside of the home or are in school full-time – and still, they’ve been able to achieve real success. How?! Through hard work and dedication YES, but also with the help of some industry fashion blogging HACKS (things fashion bloggers know and do that the general public may not be aware of). Want me to let you in on some fashion blogging secrets? – Ok, Let’s do it. I hope you come across at least one thing that makes you say GET OUT KRISTINA! (lol). Keep in mind that these are some general hacks, and some of them may be specific to myself only. I can’t speak for everyone 🙂

(#1) –  We shoot multiple outfits in one day: This is probably one hack that the vast majority of bloggers I know do. I personally normally shoot one look in the Winter because it gets too cold where I live, but in the summer time – Sometimes I do up to three looks on one day. It gives us the freedom to post more regularly on the blog and social media outlets. Many people thing we shoot the same day and then post it on the day, but the truth is – life is fast and time is fleeting (lol). Shooting in advance gives you lead time to produce your content and also helps you become a more efficient blogger. To master shooting multiple looks a day from a creative perspective, most of us change our shoes and accessories and utilize different shooting locations for each look. Shoot days are quite tiring for my husband (who is my photographer) and I, but we love the creative process and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Or at least I do, I’ll have to check with him again (lol).

(#2) – Social media posts are planned out 1-2 weeks in advance: Yup. I typically plan my IG feed on the weekend. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see that I normally don’t post on Saturday or Sunday and that’s because I might be preparing for the week ahead (or maybe taking a MUCH NEEDED social detox)! And once we (bloggers) have all the wonderful pictures we took from your multiple location/outfit photoshoots – we will have a plethora of content to schedule and sift through to provide our audience with a visual variety throughout the week.

(#3) – Bloggers borrow clothes sometimes to shoot FRESH content: Omg this is the only way I’ve been able to afford being a blogger. YES. I do own a lot of clothes, but I have a sister and mom who I take from ALWAYS. When I first started blogging in 2010 or so – I had like NO MONEY and would always raid my friends closets for shoot days. See, it’s not about showing off what you have as a blogger, but providing your audience with IDEAS and value. If you know you have a passion and talent, I believe in finding anyway to make it happen. My blog and social media is my art – so I don’t mind borrowing from friends or brands to make a post come alive. I live on a budget and want to be a millionaire someday, so I DO believe in saving – but I don’t want my responsible money habits to hinder my progress in an industry where you have to shop the latest trends and runway items. You don’t have to be an over shopper/spender to be a blogger – I’d say you just have to be creative. So I shop sales a lot and borrow sometimes. Works for me, and many others!

(#4) – Restaurants and cafes are visited sometimes for the sole purpose of content: I love a good latte. If you follow me on Instagram YOU KNOW – but sometimes I visit coffee shops just to take pictures. It’s the name of the game. The internet is inspired by great content, so I provide (lol). Of-course, there is a lot I don’t document and a the majority of places I go are because I truly want to be there. But for the sake of the blog, I make pitstops here and there at various locations to take a picture and leave. Catch this: I even get the drinks to in a mug and then right when I’m done my pictures I ask for a disposable to-go cup, pour it in – and dip (lol).

(#5) – Many edit their Instagram photos: I edit every picture before I post it to IG and other places. In my opinion it takes a feed to a new level. Some people say it takes too much time – but my social media feed gets me the MOST opportunities now, and I believe it’s because I put in that extra effort to make it special.

(#6) – In the Winter, I shoot at locations where I can park my car fairly close to: This is the gold in how I’ve stayed consistent since I started blogging consistently. I think I shared this tip in my blog post where I wrote about places to take blog pictures. Basically, when it’s crazy cold, I scout out locations where I can park no more than 2 meters away from. I shoot for some time and in about 5 minutes when I get cold, my husband and I warm up our bodies and camera in the car. It’s probably not the greatest for the equipment, but it’s allowed me to shoot all Winter long.

(#7) – We wear the same thing (accessories, shoes, clothing items) often: Omg, I can’t stress how much I re-wear things. If you’re creative you can make it look new. It’s just the sustainable way to keep a blog going. If you want real proof, go to my IG account after reading and comment on one of my pictures where you see me wearing the same thing in at least three pictures (If you want to have some fun 🙂 –  Follow too while you’re visiting!

(#8) – Some people use tripods to shoot their photos: Not everyone has a photographer who’s always available. I have a friend who uses a tripod to shoot most of her photos – and they look fantastic. I use a tri-pod when I want my husband in the picture all the time. I’ve dragged my tri-pod (Here’s a cheap one) into coffee shops and done whatever it takes to get the shot. I understand this sounds like a rather uncomfortable thing to do, BUT you can always go to remote locations where you’ll be the only one. It’s about being creative and making isolated ordinary places look extraordinary!

(#9) – We pay for social tools to drive traffic to the blog: Some of the tools I use are Tailwind for Pinterest to schedule posts on PINTEREST. Some also use social media advertising to gain visibility. I read an article once where a food blogger drove tens of thousands of people to his blog by investing $1000 or so into Facebook advertising – as a NEW food blogger. Investing real dollars into a blog is a strategic business move many bloggers take to get more eyes on their great content.

(#10) – We post according to a schedule: Most bloggers have content calendars that help them plan out when they will post. I normally make mine at the beginning of the month on an Excel spreadsheet. To be honest though, this year I haven’t made one because last year I wrote down a ton of ideas that I didn’t put a specific date on. So when I want to write, I pick a topic on the list. AND… I told myself I generally want to post [X] amount of times a month. That approach has been much more easy for me to stay on top of.

Anyone can do it! If you’re reading this because you’re into this blogging thing and considering starting one – put aside 4-5 hours a week at minimum and use these tricks to get you up and going! If you read this because you were generally curious, I hope you learned something!


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Theses are good tips. I used to think bloggers must have a LOT of clothes it’s good to know that some borrow. I’m currently looking for a good photographrt. It can be hard to get an affordable photographer that has good taste,they can be a bit pricey here.

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