Chinatown Ottawa

John, Hannah Rae and I live near Chinatown and actually drive by it every week on our way to church. It’s easy to live in a city and overlook it’s beauty in the hustle and bustle that is life. I love Somerset street in Ottawa. I typically only visit Chinatown when it’s food related, but this day we decided to drop by — and let’s be honest TAKE A PICTURE. But seriously, I would LOVE to find the time to explore this street. I want to poke into the little markets and see all that this culture rich street has to offer.

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Taking a picture with a baby has become something my husband and I are getting really good at. I’m seriously thinking about doing a post. There is a strategy. It’s really fast and efficient and I’m wondering why I needed so much time pre baby. It’s so funny what you can do with like 5 minutes. Seriously – This shoot probably took all but 10 minutes and that’s only because we drop to more than one spot.

KeMy eyes are totally closed, but it’s such a great shot. MEH.

Thanks for reading and dropping by to see my look.

PANTS: Levis

TOP: Bleuh Ciel

SHOES: Cape Robin


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Thanks Vanessa <3 I do the same! I'm trying to get better, but its a definite work in progress!

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