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Nuna Mixx 2 stroller review: New mom edition

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Is it just me or are there any other ladies out there who would envision a disastrous outing with a baby stroller pre baby? Mine would go a little something like this: An overstuffed diaper bag, with the stroller not cooperating as I try to unfold it before heading into the mall for a few hours. Somewhere in this whole imagined scenario, my baby is OBVIOUSLY scream crying as I’m still forcing to get the stroller strolling. Strangers are definitely glaring at me at this point. Let’s just say that as a result of my overactive imagination, I did some research before deciding which stroller to go with (as well as car seat).

I was looking for something SIMPLE. Easy to use with excellent safety features! And stylish.


* I highlighted all the features I adore most


Product specifications

  • recommended use: birth to 50 lbs
  • product:h 44.3 x w 23.4 x l 33.5 in
  • product (folded): h 16 x w 23.6 x l 35.8 in
  • product weight: 26.8 lbs (weight does not include canopy or arm bar)


Sleek and sophisticated in a nutshell. I like the NUNA brand because it offers no compromise on style, but is also extremely functional, safe and user friendly. They brand uses quality materials and provides features that are continuously upgraded For instance, this MIXX 2 has 5 options for reclining the seat. The design is simple and effective. The canopy is one of my favourite design features. It is large and extendable, but doesn’t compromise the flat fold when it’s time to put the stroller away. The large chrome back wheels can be removed for a more compact fold if necessary.

The click system that the NUNA brand has perfected so beautifully allows me to turn this stroller from front to rear facing with ease. Everything clicks in and out of place seamlessly. The seat also reclines to a flat position, allowing my baby girl to sleep fully reclined if need be.



  • Folding/ unfolding: I’m a tiny girl, so the stroller is still rather bulky and heavy to me. That interpretation would vary from person to person. based on strength however. You can fold the stroller with one hand and it does fold rather flat. It easily fits in the trunk of my small sedan.
  • Large Canopy: This is an upgrade from the original MIXX stroller. This provides UV protection to your baby.
  • Large under seat basket: The basket provides enough space to store a diaper bag, which was most important for me. Depending on the size of your bag, you may be able to fit other items in the basket along with the bag.
  • 5 position recline: It has 5 levels that provide a number of options to obtain optimal comfort for your little one.


The stroller comes with two adapters that are compatible with the Nuna Pipa car seat. It is also compatible with the Maxi Cosi carseat.


There are swivel wheels at the front of the stroller that move when driving. NUNA recommends that these wheels be locked when you are travelling on uneven surfaces (such as gravel or in parks). They can be licked by turning the click feature to the left directly above the wheel.

The stroller also has a BRAKE (bright RED in colour) that can be operated by a lever on the back. The BRAKE lever must be pressed down (stepped on)  to be activated and this is recommended whenever the stroller is stationary.


This stroller retails in Canada for $879.00 – A carseat must be purchased separately. If you are looking for a product that you could operate with your eyes closed, then I would say this is worth the coin you will spend. Also, if style is something you value – then again, this is the stroller for you.

On the flip side, if you know you want one child, are not too concerned with the sophistication of your baby gear and are not too concerned with detailed features like a mesh peek through in the canopy or leather stitched handles, then this is not the carseat for you.

I personally am a true fan of this brand. Although this stroller was SENT to me, I did purchase the NUNA Pipa car seat and will likely be purchasing the convertible car seat (NUNA RAVA) in a few months when my daughter outgrows the NUNA Pipa.

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