Concrete capital

Black and white outfit 2

Hey lovelies, its been quite the while. Thanks for all those who’ve been patient and to the ones who have said something while I been away. Truth is I’ve been hitting a wall, in a nutshell. For those who may not know, blogging is a process. It involves time and effort. From taking the pictures to writing the post to promoting it. There are a-lot of elements in the mix. Luckily for me I’m a creator. I love the effort that goes into being able to look at the finished product and smiling. I like to write as well, and so does all that make it easier? Not necessarily, but it’s always enjoyable.

I guess Ive been down on my efforts as a blogger, with this blog specifically. I’ve had three blogs since 2011 (2 tumblr) and one blogspot so I’ve done my time. I’ve always done it for fun, on the side of my studies, until school ended and I decided I wanted to grow a real readership. All goes well, people read, small companies want to collaborate with me and then I tap out. It’s this thing that’s been happening, this thing I do to myself! I overthink it and almost want to keep it at the place where it’s only a hobby. Why is that? I’m not entirely sure, but while I work to figure it out – I want to keep moving. I want to keep alive. I’ve thought of stopping, just quitting – but I’m certain there is something someone needs to hear in the very way I have to say it . So i’m going to keep going.

Aside from my clear struggle (lol), I’ve been working on another blog. I know it’s kind of complex after talking about the struggles I’ve had with this one, but you just cant get away from something you so enjoy! It’s a DIY blog that I’ll be launching this week called [Black and White DIY] @ Crafting, making, production is a passion of mine – so I’m going to blog all the crafty things I decide to make and revamp. I’ve been working hard on it for the past month and a bit and wanted to use that as the excuse for the reason why I’ve been away, but it wouldn’t be completely accurate lol! No seriously, I have content from months ago I never even posted. *Covers eyes with face*.

I want to thank all of you because I love yall !  — Actually to all who visit, I appreciate every second you spend on this site. As always, my outfit details are down below.

Black and white outfit

Black and white outfit3

Black and white outfit4

Black and white outfit5

SKIRT: Zara || SHOES: Nike || SCARF: Sears Canada || SWEATER: Old Navy (Similar)

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