Wear your Label and Joe Fresh partnership


DJ jamming and Thyme and Again catering at yet another Ottawa event; the scene of the St. Laurent centre Joe Fresh store as Kayley and Kyle announced their new partnership was lit ! Chatting with the young designers, I got a look into the determination and handwork that got them started. I was curious to know what they did to get noticed. Kayley told me that after meeting Kyle on campus while in university they both realized they had a love for fashion. They were both attending a mental health support group when they discovered they shared a common passion. They decided to start the ‘brand with a cause’ we see today and Kayley began pitching their story to media outlets. Their story was picked up and since that time they’re brand has been getting the exposure they hoped for.

The evening carried on as flutes of champagne swirled around the room and Kyle jumping into my SnapChat story! I made sure to let the designers know that the cause they advocate for is one that needs a loud a voice since so many suffer in silence. I myself have had my dark moments accompanied by isolation and loneliness, and as one who identifies I wanted to make sure I pledged my support.

It was an absolute blast. Until next time, I’m going to wear my label and I’d advise you to do the same.

Joe fresh event 5


joe fresh event




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