Denim Days

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Yes to some downtime — Well not necessarily the case for many of us, I’m sure. Myself included actually – I seem to have more to do on most weekends towards playing the ever popular catch-up game with life. The weekend is always a ‘projection of relaxation’ I look forward to none the less. 

And YES — For the observant, my hair is free for the weekend [and beyond – I think lol ]. Just to clear things up — more times or less I am wearing extensions for those who care to know 🙂 ! What you see in these PICS is what I call a brief emancipation of my mane. I love my hair, but I have a lot of it and it gets tiresome to style each day without heat [Which I despise]. She will be staying some time because I kind of ran out patience with the hair piece — Let’s see how long I can go without my maintenance aid [Extensions].

Onto the post. I love denim. I frequently wear it from head to toe in all sorts of washes and simply delight in the way denim on denim looks. So you bet I was excited when I spotted this denim dress. I have denim shorts, tops, pants, and even overalls — But have never owned a DENIM dress before (Well, maybe in grade school, I think I recall something of that sort lol)! I must also say that it’s beyond comfy! It isn’t too harsh a denim and is very lightweight! Find the outfit details to this super casual look down below and as always, thanks for stopping by! 


Chain Link Shoes [Currently Out of Stock] ✌ American Eagle Dress   ✌ Cambridge Satchel Bag in Oxblood ColorEbay Collar  ✌ ALDO Bracelets and Sunnies

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