Righteousness over my enemies please ?!

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I want to start off by saying that Psalm 5:8 WILL BE and NEEDS TO BE  apart of my daily prayer from today on-wards ! No guys, it’s that serious for me!  After I gave my life to Christ [4-Real] one of the hardest things I struggled with and still do struggle with is being more like him. Concerning prayer, my work ethic, and in my relationships. So I came across this Psalm and am deciding to, like the psalmist did — ask Christ to [ Pretty please with a cherry on top ]

“Lead me, LORD, in your righteousness because of my enemies— make your way straight before me”

The first thing that stuck out for me when I read this was the way the psalmist asked God to lead him on the path of righteousness because of my enemies. I thought to myself this couldn’t possibly just mean people, could it? An enemy is really anything that causes you to be separated from the presence of God. Sin – Busy lives – Not praying to name a few. So this post is fairly simple and I promise you guys I’m beginning to see that these posts are more for myself than anyone [ LOL ] – Oops did I say that. What I mean by that is when I sit here to write, I am suddenly directed on the way I should go about meditating on the word and applying it to my life. So I thank God, honestly. Without this time to write,  I wouldn’t be able to see new perspectives from scripture that I have seen oftentimes from growing up in a Christian household.

So yeah — If you need a little assistance [ Like I ] being lead towards total righteousness, pray this prayer with me.

Kristina A.

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