3 things you need for an effortlessly cool Fall look


Lately I’ve been thinking about what it’s be like to have a true capsule wardrobe. I don’t know if it’s something I’D TRULY do – just because – I donno. I’d be kind of scared to not have options! None-the-less, I’ve been thinking about simplifying things. I’ve been wearing this look a lot this Fall. I wash it though so don’t be alarmed. Creating easy looks for Fall is all about having pieces that you can turn to and throw on with ease, while still looking neat and put together. I’m thinking about getting some more pieces for Fall to be able to re-create a variation of this look and so I identified the 3 things you need to create an effortless Fall look similar to the one I’m wearing!


  • Boyfriend Jeans/ Distressed Jeans: A good pair of baggy or distressed jean is really the key to this cool Fall look! They, like many other jeans, can be worn countless times in a number of ways without giving it away that you you are repeating clothes. I recommend baggy or distressed, because if you are going for effortless and cool – a tighter fitting jean might not be as easy for you to turn to on the run!
  • Large oversized sweater: This to me is the equivalent of the oversized hoodies I used to wear in high school and                 university, but better. And that’s really what it is – A large wool knit with a turtle or funnel neck is comfortable, functional and let’s be honest — JUST COOL!
  • Sneakers: They don’t have to be white! LOL PHEW right? But a nice and neat pair of sneakers with tie your outfit together and you can rest assure you’ll be comfortable all day. I DO think it’s important that the sneakers are in good condition. That way you’ll be happy to wear them and reach for them on the go.


Now of-course there are many other things you can invest in for effortless style, but these are mine for this season! Feel free to borrow these tips to elevate your look this Fall. As always, look down below for the outfit details!

Until next time !




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