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Shopping Guide: November 2015

*Some of these items have been included through sponsorship* – Opinions are 100% my own*

Where my internet shoppers at? If you LIVE on the internet like I do, you’re likely to come across a thing of two – OR three, you’ll want to add to your closet. I always do and I’m sharing the fabulous things my eyes have come across! Check out the products/pieces I’m wanting for November. I’ve already gotten started on this list with one of the items (GUILTY) and will feature it in my next style post (Very exciting). *Items are featured from left to right (Top to bottom)*

  • [VANS] MONO T&L SK8-HI (99.99 CAD): I’ve been having this intense obsession with white sneakers as of lately – and so this VANS pick is stemming from that love affair! It’s been ages (since high school actually) that I’ve owned a pair of high top sneakers and so I was thinking that should likely change. And guys, the best part is that these shoes are leather as opposed to the classic VANS canvas material. I prefer the leather for a more luxurious look and easier cleaning! Am I on anyone’s Christmas list, because these will surely do! Just sayin’.


  • [ZARA] DOUBLE LAYER SKIRT (39.90 CAD): The relationship between Zara and I is no secret around here. I saw this skirt and easily fell for the unique shape – AAAAANNNND it sparkles, which in my opinion is the secret sauce that’ll get any outfit off store racks. This skirt is understated glamour and would be perfect for the upcoming holidays because of it’s colour and shimmer! Psst, let me invite you in on a little secret …. It’s already in my closet ; )


  • [ETSY] HONEYCOMB BRACELET (17.00 CAD): So maybe you’ve noticed, but I’m not much of a jewelry wearer – BUT that should change. I want it to. I really don’t wear jewelry only because I don’t want to buy it. I always think, I’d rather get something else – like a pair of shoes or an outfit. Seriously though, I’d like to invest in some dainty pieces to accompany my looks and this bracelet has caught my eye.


  • [HERBIVORE] COCONUT BATH SOAK (22.00 CAD): I go into Indigo all the time just to scope out the bath and body section (& stationary stuff)! I’m not going to lie – One of the main reasons I want this bath soak is because of the fantastic branding! GAH. It’s perfect. I’ve read some Insta-Reviews on it too ok and I’ve heard it’s luscious! I have this marble shelf in my room that would be the best home for this little scrub. Yes, I’d display a bath soak in my room before I did the washroom lol.


  • [COLOUR POP] NOTION ULTRA MATTE LIPSTICK (6.00 USD + Shipping): Who doesn’t love the popular matte lipstick trend? If you don’t that’s perfectly fine, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I learned of Colour Pop’s lipsticks through the one and only YOUTUBE and have been fawning over em’ ever since. I currently own ONE – Only ONE matte lip colour and want to add to that scarce inventory. I’m loving the colour NOTION because it just might be the perfect Fall colour!


  • [ASOS] SUEDE FALL CROSSOVER (29.99 CAD):  I’m a fan! The colour ya’ll – THA COLOURRR! It’s the first thing that got me. I really should be ordering this soon and the price is truly enticing, it’s about $30 CAD. ASOS also now provides FREE worldwide shipping which is stellar for our Canadian wallets. Shipping and (duties) have turned me off from shopping UK brands for years. So yay to FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING, and an even bigger YAY to this low price point crossover.


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