Everyone wants to talk, no one wants to listen


For the readers of my Faith section, I haven’t forsaken you lol. It’s been quiet on this side of town for many reasons and one of the reasons is the very topic I’m going to be talking about.

Everyone has the person in their life that TALKS all the time. On any topic and at any time of day – They always have an input and it’s normally a novel read in length. These people seem to have no problems. Their inability to be silent can make them un-relatable and it’s tough to learn from this type of person. Whenever I find myself with this kind of person, I secretly wish God would’ve made everyone in the world to speak at a whisper, that way everybody would have to be be quiet from time to time to REALLY hear what another person is saying. I’ve been finding relationships with friends especially hard these days. Everyone wants to talk about themselves and no one is interested in the things of the heart, the things that really matter. I think it’s fantastic to talk about life, goals, career ETC. but there comes a point in time when we have to ask ourselves “Where does God fit into all of this”? I’m at this stage in life where everyone around me is so desperate to prove that they are THRIVING which leads to this sort of narcissistic expression in conversations. Maybe it’s a mid-20’s thing, but if a conversation is focused on self for too long I get drained – so I’ve been finding it really hard to relate to some people.

With all that said, I feel like sometimes I’m that very way with God. Maybe he has a hard time relating to me sometimes? I tend to have so much to say and so many requests I’m sending up that I barely stop to HEAR & LISTEN. Since realizing this, Ive been striving to stop and listen to the voice of God in my life. I’ve heard that he’s calling me to share about my vulnerabilities as a Christian. Since there are so many of voices of encouragement, instruction, and teaching on the internet, I think God wants me to be a voice of the realities/vulnerabilities of serving God in a way that doesn’t say sinfulness and un-Godliness is ok. I just don’t know how yet. Hmm … Sorry I got side tracked, where was I?

Sometimes we talk to God more about what we want for ourselves than listening up to hear what he wants for us and for others around us. We easily pick and choose the parts of following Jesus that are convenient and easy for us to succeed at and neglect everything else on the basis of Gods grace for us. But what about stopping every once in a while to hear what God has to say, because we Christians sure do always have something to preach about.

I started this blog thinking I had to do everything in my power to SHOW that I am a Christian, which I believe should always be evident, but not the way I went about it. I’ve worn my fair share of cross fashion on this site (Don’t Laugh K). I guess I thought that in some weird way I would reach people who didn’t know God with my necklaces and earrings. But in all my eagerness to speak and be a voice for Jesus – I might have missed the most important thing … (to listen).

I need to make sure that my heart for the Lord and mission behind sharing about the Lord remain H I S project and the only way to achieve that is to not project my own interpretations on him. I’ve got to really hear and wait it out! It’s important for me to keep the testimony of my relationship with God evident in this blog, but I’m trying to figure out where God wants me to go with it.




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