H&M Ottawa Grand Opening Picks

H&M Ottawa Take a look at one of my F A B O finds from an exclusive VIP shopping event to inaugurate the grand opening of Ottawa’s first H&M store. YES, this is our first H&M Ottawa store! We’ve been without this retailer for awhile [FOREVER really lol], but I think it’s safe to say that the overall feeling associated with it’s arrival is one of pure JOY! Waste no time Ottawa-nians and let the shopping begin!

With 25% off, I was able to snag this awesome brown leather jacket with silver accents for under $50! With bubbles in hand, I scoured the store high and low in search of a dress for my up and coming university grad, but when unsuccessful I resorted to this brown leather jacket that I’m extremely happy with. Now, If you were to step into my closet tomorrow you’d notice that there’s a bit of overkill with the leather goods [jackets in particular] – I probably should’ve bought something else, but I couldn’t help myself once I tried it on.

I paired the jacket with a skirt and ‘floppy’ hat for Fall. It was a tad chilly on this day so I decided to wear cotton stockings! This look can be reinvented with whatever you have in your closet. All you need is a fitted jacket that hits at or above the hips, a skirt, stockings, and a wide brimmed hat – Then VOILA! I concluded the look with some thrifted brown booties I purchased last year for $15 [SUPER STEAL]!

Thanks to H&M Ottawa for the wonderful shopping experience. The music, people, and shopping made for a memorable evening and I can’t wait to head back [When my finances say so]!

Thanks for reading! – Kouturekitten

H&M Jacket || Zara Dress (Turned into a skirt) || Forever21 Shirt || Thrifted Boots

H&M Ottawa

H&M Ottawa H&M Ottawa H&M Ottawa H&M Ottawa H&M Ottawa H&M Ottawa

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Oh how I love your blog!
You are very inspirational Kristina.I love how bold and firm you are in your faith and fashion.I ‘m very inspired by your posts.The about me and kitten chronicles have made my day.keep writing girl.You do it so well.
p.s:Thanks for coming by my blog.It’s wonderful to meet another sister in Christ.Let’s keep the fashion rolling in the faith!

Awww thanks sis ! Your words are a true blessing to me today 😀 ! Make sure to keep in touch! Id love to hear from you xx MUAHHH

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