Hey loves! Today I want to TAG all my blogger friends and colleagues to create a ‘What’s in my phone’ blog post ! I thought this would be a neat post to create as a play on the ever popular ‘What’s in my purse’ tag that many Vloggers and Bloggers publish worldwide. I have an Iphone which is why I titled the post – What’s in my iphone. With that said, If you have a Nexus or Blackberry make sure to title the post accordingly! I implore any interested bloggers to create their own! If you don’t have a blog, then you can surely participate my sharing your collage on Instagram. Once it has been published I’d love for you to link back to my blog and let me know! I will link back to your blog in next month’s ‘What’s in my Iphone’ post and feature some photos from those who participated. Optional: *Describe where you were in each picture to add an added something to the post*

How do you create a ‘What’s in my [Insert Phone type here] post?’ — It’s fairly simple:

1. Look in your phone and make a collage of any photos taken in the month of October that never made it to your Instagram or other social sites. If you have a photo that you’d like to feature regardless of whether it’s been shared before – GO FOR IT; I will be sharing pictures that have never been seen before on FB, Insta, or Twitter. This is a great way to share the candid photo’s that will probably never make it past your phone’s memory card!

2. Provide a link back to http://kouturekitten.com and I will link back to you in my November post. I will also choose a photo from your collage to include in my November post!

3. Share the collage on Instagram and each of your social sites. Tag me @kouturekittenblog – I’d love to connect with you! Let’s have some fun !!!

Check out my collage and get started on your own !!!

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From L to R: 1. Car selfie after a shoot || 2. Jack Astor’s S’mores Sundae || 3. H&MOttawa Private Shopping Event || 4. Photoshoot with Blogger friend Reem || 5. Clutch From H&M event gift bag || 6. Park stroll with a sorority sister || 7.H&M Photo-up with local rapper Cashtro Crosby || 8. Date night with le boo || 9. Victoire Boutique mirror selfie



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