What’s In my Iphone ?!


Hey loves! Today I want to TAG all my blogger friends and colleagues to create a ‘What’s in my phone’ blog post ! I thought this would be a neat post to create as a play on the ever popular ‘What’s in my purse’ tag that many Vloggers and Bloggers publish worldwide. I have an Iphone which is why I titled the post – What’s in my iphone. With that said, If you have a Nexus or Blackberry make sure to title the post accordingly! I implore any interested bloggers to create their own! If you don’t have a blog, then you can surely participate my sharing your collage on Instagram. Once it has been published I’d love for you to link back to my blog and let me know! I will link back to your blog in next month’s ‘What’s in my Iphone’ post and feature some photos from those who participated. Optional: *Describe where you were in each picture to add an added something to the post*

How do you create a ‘What’s in my [Insert Phone type here] post?’ — It’s fairly simple:

1. Look in your phone and make a collage of any photos taken in the month of October that never made it to your Instagram or other social sites. If you have a photo that you’d like to feature regardless of whether it’s been shared before – GO FOR IT; I will be sharing pictures that have never been seen before on FB, Insta, or Twitter. This is a great way to share the candid photo’s that will probably never make it past your phone’s memory card!

2. Provide a link back to and I will link back to you in my November post. I will also choose a photo from your collage to include in my November post!

3. Share the collage on Instagram and each of your social sites. Tag me @kouturekittenblog – I’d love to connect with you! Let’s have some fun !!!

Check out my collage and get started on your own !!!

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From L to R: 1. Car selfie after a shoot || 2. Jack Astor’s S’mores Sundae || 3. H&MOttawa Private Shopping Event || 4. Photoshoot with Blogger friend Reem || 5. Clutch From H&M event gift bag || 6. Park stroll with a sorority sister || 7.H&M Photo-up with local rapper Cashtro Crosby || 8. Date night with le boo || 9. Victoire Boutique mirror selfie


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I really like your blog and you’re so pretty! Can you please let me know where you bought the Top Gel cream for spot treatments that you mentioned in your other post? Sorry, I can’t leave a comment in that post for some reason, but I realized you’re in Ottawa and I’d like to try some for my hyperpigmentation. Thanks.

Aww thanks Elle! You can buy it from Mama Cee’s Salon, or African Queen in the South – Or from M&J Tropical market on Merivale 🙂 Thanks for reading and I dont know why the comments aren’t working on that post – Its pretty weird 🙁

This is such a fun idea! You are so cute and have great style, I love your weido sweatshirt from a previous post and want one badly!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for you sweet comment!!

-Bree @ <a href="”>aBree Fashion

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