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Inexpensive Wall Art DIY Project

Hey lovelies, thanks for joining me – This is going to be a good one. I was in the process of planning for a gallery wall I wanted to put up in my apartment and started to think of ways I could cut costs on the project. I used to intern at ELLE Canada a couple of years ago so I have dozens of magazine back issues, so I tried to see if there was anything in there I could use in the gallery wall project. I was initially simply looking to pass only ONE frame off with an image from the magazine, but when I found one I liked and fit it behind the mat – It stunned me how AWESOME it looked that I decided to do use magazine images for ALL the frames I bought. GUYS – I’m telling you, NO ONE would know that these prints are from a magazine. It’s that GOOD. I’m hooked on this project and want to share this inexpensive wall art option with you. Keep reading for specific instructions on how to make your own.


  1. Picture frames with photo MAPS (Click here for the one I bought from IKEA)
  2. Magazine back issues
  3. Tape and scissors


First you’ll have to get access to magazine back issues. Have enough magazines to give yourself a variety to skim through. The more magazine you have the more likely you’ll find what you need. Borrow some from friends and family if you don’t read magazines. The idea is to get access to free old magazines. Think about it, If you don’t have to pay for the magazine then it will make the project that much more cost effective.



Scan the magazines for prints that match the look you are going for. I was looking for black and white prints to match my apartment decor. I didn’t only want to choose pictures of people, so I took the time to look for a variety of prints and came across a tiny rose and the texture shot of fabric resembling zebra stripes. It’s completely up to you – be creative and see what you come across.



Once you find the image you like, depending on the size of your frame you may need to cut the image down [or not]. Tape the image to the map (like I’ve done in the image below) and cut off any excess that may go outside the borders of the map. I got a little lazy and ripped the excess off my image. Use scissors if you don’t trust your fold and tear skills – You don’t want to tear through the image lol.



Step three is as hard as it gets! Once you’ve taped the image to the map place it back in the frame and VOILA – You’ve got your inexpensive wall art. Doesn’t it look great?!


Let me know if you already do this or if this is something you’d try : ) – I’ll be using these in my gallery wall when I move this summer. I held off on doing it in my apartment, because I am planning a move and don’t want to have to take the wall art down. I will share the wall gallery once it goes up though in the months to come. Thanks for dropping by, here are some other posts I think you’ll like.






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Kristina; indeed you don’t necessarily need expensive materials or picture to make great wall art. With a little work, like you show, you can make the wall of your dreams.

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