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I love Tumblr for always providing me with so much inspiration! With that said, It’s safe to say Tumblr serves as the place where I normally come across new designer loves. The newest addition to myfave collection’ list would have to be the SS/13 collection by Josh Goot.

When I critique a collection I normally start by evaluating practicality. I mean there are many collections that shimy down runways which aren’t necessarily practical. Rather, they are super artistic and visually appealing; and I can appreciate that! However I’m normally drawn to how wearable the collection is before I give points for creativity. That’s just me! After determining whether it’s practical or not, I go straight for the structure of the garments and I must say I approve in this case! I’m normally drawn to clean lines in a collection with a range of fabrics throughout. OH and If the designer has a ‘fab’ little white dress, I’m sold!

As summer has slowly slipped away what better time than now to highlight designer Josh Goot’s SS/13 collection before we tuck the season away for good [ I hold on to summer as long as I can !!]. I’ve put my favourite looks together in quads below; take a look and tell me what you think? Browse the full collection and let me know which pieces are your favourites.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to hover over the photos to pin to your Pinterest boards.

– kouturekitten

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