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It’s been awhile since we’ve met like this! I must say there aren’t many things better (to me) than putting these posts together. Other ‘scream worthy’ things like …. lattes with extra whipped cream, finding money in your winter coat after resurrecting it from a seasonal slumber, or thanksgiving dinner with family and friends are pretty awesome too; but this takes the cake for me. In my time away I’ve had the privilege of planning a wedding and marrying a dream of a man! I’m back with a fresh and exciting perspective! As I’m writing this brand new chapter of my life with my husband, I’m likewise opening myself up to a new chapter on the blog! By exploring new topics, I’ll be incorporating ALOT of the joys I’m now faced with on a daily basis. Some of these tasks include home decor, food, do-it-yourself projects, while continuing to blog about faith and fashion. With that said, I’m currently on the search for pieces that will add to the (slow but surely) accumulating decor of our apartment. I’ve decided to stick to a light colour palette to create the illusion of space and dimension where I must say it is lacking. I’ve got my couch, coffee table, tabletop books and a few plants. The things I’ve yet to check off my list of decor needs are couch cushions and wall art! will be helping me get some of the last of my home decor needs (Or wants if you must call it so lol). is an online marketplace of independent artists who submit their work to be voted on by the community. The winning pieces of art then appear for purchase on their e commerce platform. This site is pretty awesome! Not only are they allowing artists from all over the world to feature their artwork in the international homes of fans like myself, but the works that appear on the site are chosen by the end user; the potential client. SUUUH Cool! It gets even better because if you, like me, are a fan of creatively inspiring stationery – Minted does that too! I’ve searched the site high and low and here are my top ten favourite items (based on what I currently need of course 😉 –

#10 Even Still by Katie Craig

#9 New York City Map by Alex Elko Design

#8 Ribbon Pillow by Itsy Belle Studios

#7 Mineral 03 by Lily Hanna

#6 Hexagon With Dots In Blue limited edition print by Yao Cheng

#5 Imperfectly Perfect Ikat Pillow by Carolyn Nicks

#4 Libra by Annie Clark

#3 Medallion Damask Pillow by Holly Muckelroy

#2 Highway Wildflowers limited edition print by Kelli Hall

#1 Links Pillow by Oscar & Emma

Browse the site and let me know what you think! kouturekitten **Sponsored by Minted. Post contains affiliate links** Opinions expressed are solely my own.

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