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Ottawa fashion Severe Nature

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Hey lovelies! Take a look at how I styled my favourite sweatshirts from Severe Nature’s F/W 2013 collection! The WILD GANG sweatshirt stuck out to me initially as something I could see myself wearing! If you are to look closely at the number 14 printed on the sweater, you will notice that it is filled in by a graphic that I have not yet made out [but it looks super cool]. The Ottawa streetstyle scene is on the upward trek and Severe Nature’s urban flare has been gaining attention. Ottawa fashion is emerging and boy am I ever glad!

I decided to pair this CO-ED sweater with some glossy disco pants and a camel backpack to add some contrast. I paired em’ with my signature JC Shires and there ya go – STYLED ! What do you think? Let me know how you would do it!

Buy the sweater here and be sure to visit again wont’cha !

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SPONSORED: By Severe Nature ** Opinions expressed are solely my own**

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