Peplum top and evolving personal style

As I’m maturing, I’ve been feeling inclined to part ways with many colourful pieces in my wardrobe. This would require buying ONLY neutral pieces [Ouu I can do pastels! Love em’]. Endless gazes of admiration at monochromatic outfits on the internet, and a recent obsession with all white everything” brings me to the conclusion that I’m simply turning into a rare anomaly of the human race — A Kimmy K. I’ve fallen, Tom Ford heels over head, in love with her style evolution and see myself slowly following suit. Structured jackets, browns – blacks – and whites. Im smitten! I’d be more than happy with a closet full of perfectly tailored pieces in the above mentioned hues and I’ve never even questioned boredom. I’d say that’s love!

In light of my ode to Kimmy K’s style triumphs, I’d like to make reference to this sheer sleeved peplum top I’m wearing! Must say, not a huge peplum promoter — but I always say that colour and fit go before the trend itself! So THIS I applaud! In line with my new vision, I’ve paired the top with a Zara coat that was featured in my previous style post and some brown skinnies. This is one of the outfits I wore during the first week of my ongoing internship. Not only do I think it’s a perfectly minimalist neutral-chic look, it harbours a special place inside because it came along during my week 1 jitters! I’m a sentiment, I know!

Thanks for reading! Check out the outfit details below and catch me on Twitter where I’ve been more active than usual. Sorta.

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peplum top

Peplum top

peplum top peplum topSHOES: ZARA [Similar] | COAT: ZARA [Similar] | Jeans: H&M [Similar] | Necklace: ALDO

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