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How to take pictures for your fashion and style blog: Fashion Blog Tips

Before I began blogging I wasn’t at all sure how to take style blog pictures. Turning to Google, I executed searches around fashion blog tips that still left me with endless questions. I thought that to be taken seriously I’d have to invest in a super pricey DSLR with an inventory of lenses to capture a variety of shots. I also thought I’d have to speedily become a photoshop guru – master photo editor of some sort. I couldn’t imagine how I’d be able to afford it all and I was certain I’d probably go broke while investing in camera and editing help. As much as a DSLR would help your efforts, it is not mandatory if you’re seeking to become a style blogger. All you need to know are the essentials behind what types of outfit shots to capture for your post and focus on making your outfit worth viewing. After visiting 100’s of blogs in the past year or so of blogging I’ve come up with some basics surrounding taking pictures for a style post. This will help you grab the attention of style lovers all around the globe and will give you an edge at growing your audience!


A camera – Any camera will do. A digital SLR is ideal.

A photographer – This is anyone available and willing to take your pictures. Give mom or dad a try! When you are beginning don’t focus on the skill level of the person taking the pictures. It’s hard enough to find someone who will be available consistently, so once you’ve identified someone who’s agreed – Get started.

An outfit and accessories – Make sure it’s an outfit you love! You’ll know exactly what you want to close in on if it is.


Let’s get started. When starting out I suggest making sure your post includes a –

1| FULL BODY SHOT [FROM FAR AWAY]: Full body shots are the best way to ensure your audience is getting the most out of your look. If your aim in having a style blog is to showcase your style, then the best way to do this is with a picture that captures your outfit from head to toe. You CAN surely take pictures sitting down, and don’t shy away from striking a pose if you’re compelled to do so. Simply ensure that these types of photos don’t make up your entire post. Take a look below to get an idea of how I normally stand when getting a full body shot taken from the front.

To achieve this, my handsome photographer is standing in alignment with me [about 2 ft away using a 50mm prime Canon lens] and is holding the camera vertically. This allows him to capture more of the background in the frame. I usually include between 2-4 full body shots in a personal style post. I create variation with the distance and height at which the picture is taken. The amount of background scenery you’d like to include in your shot is completely up to you! To capture more, ask your picture taker to step away from you; to capture less tell your helper to step towards you until you find an ideal spot. Consider whether the distance will compromise the look, keeping in mind that you should remain close enough for your audience to make out what you are wearing.

How to take style blog pictures

Include another full body picture at a closer range.

1A | FULL BODY SHOT [UP CLOSE]: Achieving a full body shot at closer range is easily achieved when the photographer is at a lower height as shown below. By crouching down, the photographer will be able to frame the photo most accurately.  Doing this will allow more control over exactly what they’d like to include in the frame from the surroundings. In this photo, I’m standing approximately 1ft away from the photographer; using the top of my head and the bottom of my feet as a marker indicating whether the length of my body is framed.

How to take style blog pictures

Photograph the upper half of your look!

2| UPPER BODY SHOT [VERTICAL & HORIZONTAL]: This type of picture is a great way to outline a focal point. If you’re wearing accessories on your upper half this is a great way to center in on these pieces. Feel free to include a picture of the lower half if your body if there is something super neat to show off as well. I tend to focus on my upper half because once you’ve seen one jean/heel combo, you’ve seen em’ all!

To create variation, have your photographer crouch down – turning the camera vertical and horizontal to change the shape of the background.

How to take style blog pictures

How to take style blog pictures

Attention to detail is important!

3| DETAILS SHOT: This is my personal favourite photo type in any style post. We can come to understand just how important details are by referring to the success of sites such as Tumblr and Pinterest that are heavily saturated with photos of delicate details that we all drool over. Details are key at drawing interest and inspiration! The details of your look will take your reader on a ride as colors and textures that weren’t as obvious from afar take center stage. Whether you chose to get a close up of your wrist candy or decide to focus on the intricate detail found on a button; it is completely up to you. Details such as those seen below are captivating, engaging, and give the reader a different perspective from which to view the outfit.

To achieve a details shot, close in specifically on what you’d like to capture and SNAP! It’s that simple. Turn the camera vertical and horizontal while taking the picture from different heights; you’ll be surprised with what you come up with.

How to take style blog pictures

How to take style blog pictures

Last but not least, BE YOURSELFYup, taking you to CLICHE-VILLE with this last one! It may be the only thing that separates you from another style blogger. Have some fun!

Thanks for reading – Outfit details below ! 

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How to take style blog pictures

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love that last pic!! good tips, having a variety of shots is key. It’s better to have too many to choose from than not enough! I like the close up shot (where you’re photographer is crouching), the composition is really nice. I will have to try it!

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