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It’s September 20, 2015; somewhere around 8pm. I’m playing a mental version of HIT or MISS, critiquing celebrity fashion, while watching the Emmy Award red carpet unfold. That night was historic, as Viola Davis became the first African-American woman to win in the category of outstanding lead actress (drama series) #JustYaaay! It also marked the evening of my big Aha! …………………. (Lightbulb going off type of moment) as the face of ABC’s hit series Scandal sat in awe, acclaiming her fellow ‘drama-diva’s win. I’ve never given an episode of Scandal my full attention, but I must say; as the stunningly beautiful Kerry double-U sat with tears welled up in her eyes, I began to think about what most consider (the Merriam Webster defined) Scandal to be.

We can likely agree that the OJ Simpson case was scandalous, and who can forget Monica Lewinsky and Bill C – pretty dodgy topic in Clinton household I’m sure! But Hillsong United was onto something much larger and profound when they described Jesus’ death on the cross, in our place, as Scandalous.

Song: Scandal of Grace [Listen Here]. 

What a way to look at it! The very place we should have been was substituted by the grace of God. Death was the alternative, but Jesus became our replacement. Grace made a way for us to have a relationship with Christ and was an escape from the handcuffs of sin. Grace also made a generational way for us to tell of the highest degree of love ever known. “Grace what  have you done, murdered for me on that cross” (Lyrics).

That, in my opinion, is the REAL Scandal. The one I’d like to shed light on today! This Scandal isn’t motivated by lust, power, greed or $$$. It’s an outrageous event that was a result of love leading the way. “Too much to make sense of it all”. The Scandal of Grace you died in my place so my soul will live” (Lyrics). And as a result of being apart of the BIGGEST Scandal ever, I can say with the utmost confidence that Kerry Washington aint got nothin’ on me! lols –

So somewhat, like Viola Davis’ Emmy win, It’s safe to say that anyone who receives the unfailing love of Jesus and acknowledges that he is the risen saviour; will too take a seat in history.


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