SCORE PIZZA RIDEAU | Ottawa’s Biggest Pizza Party

One of the most popular pedestrian crossings in the city has got a new NEIGHBOUR! It’s the crossing on RIDEAU STREET where the Hudson Bay sits pretty! My little family and I dropped by last weekend to see what all the PIZZA HYPE was about. 50 Rideau Street, the home of the NEW SCORE PIZZA uses a stone fired oven to create custom pizza’s in no time. We walked up to the the wood finished counter and ordered a vegetarian pizza (For my better half) and it’s meatier counterpart of a pizza for the carnivore in me.

You can do the same today too! Ottawa’s BIGGEST PIZZA party is happening at the SCORE PIZZA on Rideau Street and I can’t wait to head there in just a bit! SCORE PIZZA has taken on the task to FEED THE WHOLE CITY today. This trendy spot is new to the neighbourhood and they just can’t wait to say HI with a BANG! If you stop by today, you can grab A FREE PIZZA and $3.50 beers all day long! I actually had someone ask me if this was a joke when I shared about this EPIC PIZZA PARTY on my Instagram account.  I agree, it’s pretty AMAZING!

Not only does SCORE RIDEAU want to feed you, they also want to tug on your heart strings a bit by giving you the opportunity to donate to their CHEO Foundation Campaign. Follow this link to donate now –


  1. DROP BY the SCORE PIZZA on Rideau Street (Grab some GRUB, Donate some MOU-LAH)
  2. SNAP a picture with the CHEO Mascot and your YUMMY PIZZA
  3. TAG @SCOREPIZZARIDEAU on IG and Hashtag #EatLoveScore

I stand in the street and eat pizza ALL THE TIME. Take a similar picture tomorrow! Don’t forget to mention @ScorePizzaRideau

You’ve never seen a  happier girl about to eat some PIZZA. #EatLoveScore


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