Photo shoots with a baby

This was the first real day of sunshine, so we decided to strap our now 5 month old in the stroller and take her downtown for our shoot. I think I’m going to do a post on how to photoshoot with a baby – or more like what I’ve learned so far about photo shooting with baby because I have nothing figured out yet. Let me show you what I mean.

So beautiful day right, hubby and I are all like lets bring Hannah Rae to our shoot. Great idea? No, bad idea. It was good for about 10 minutes, then she decided to have a super scream fest. It was wonderful. Picture two people walking down the street in a crowded city centre – while a baby is screeching so loud it sounds like the baby has been stolen. We definitely pushed our luck and we had NO pacifier because we left it at home. She’s a winter baby – so all the sun seemed to really tick her off as she wasn’t used to it. Too much, too soon. We were also coming from church, where we spent a good portion of our morning. OH – and following church we grabbed lunch before taking pictures. All a recipe for a crying restless baby. I’m still learning.

We managed to pull these pictures off before the episode.

Spoiler for the post I might write about photo shooting with baby but may never get to lol – Most days when we shoot (prior to this unsuccessful day) our shoots have lasted about 5 minutes. We shoot somewhere we can park right beside the location, keep the baby in the car with the heat going and hubby stands right next to the car (with eyes on baby) while taking pictures of me. You know what, the more I talk this may actually be a cool post if I had pictures taken of us shooting. Now mind you, I only started doing this after the baby hit three months. This might totally sound weird and not ok to some of you, but don’t be alarmed the baby is fine and still attended to (LOL).


But because we are persistent people. We will try again next week <3


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