Shangri-La Toronto: My weekend stay


My stay at the Shangri-La Toronto was my best hotel experience to date. It was a weekend of true luxury and I’m more than happy to share it with you.


I checked into the hotel located at 188 University Ave, downtown Toronto at around 5PM on a Friday night and immediately made my way to the front desk to check in. The staff received us with a wide smile and warm welcome. After checking in and having our car valeted – we were given a mini tour of the main floor then escorted to the elevator where we were directed to the 11th floor. **** Ouuu, I’m excited. I said something along those lines to my husband while we made our was up the elevator. I REALLY was excited. Being escorted to the elevator was such a tiny detail I’d never experienced at a hotel – and it was a peek into  the excellence of service at the hotel.



Just Stunning. Right when we walked in, there was so much space for you to drop off your luggage and other personal belongings. I appreciated that because it made it easy to keep the room clean throughout my stay – and as a blogger, it helps when it comes time to take pictures and you don’t have this HUGE clean up ahead of you (TRUST ME!)



Everything in the room could be controlled by an i-pad. It was smart room ya’ll! If I wanted the lights on I could do it from the convenience of bed. I opened the curtains from BED, I ordered room service without speaking to anyone from BED, and I was NOT complaining. Imagine getting home after my weekend and having to step out of bed to turn the lights off or walk to the kitchen for a snack — (LOL). It’s a joke guys.


Ok, so lets get into the decor. It was decorated with pieces and styles of furniture that payed homage to Asian design. It was very well thought out and the details were impeccable.


  1. When I got super hungry real late at night and room service could be ordered so easily from the I pad. I was able to order on the device and schedule when it would get there. My meal was fantastic!


2. Another highlight was the pool! I didn’t actually get in,  but the Health Club was so relaxing. Hubby and I visited the morning before we checked out for some quiet time and it was just what we needed. There were lounge chairs and cabanas with drapes for privacy. I loved all the plants that decorated the space. It added to the serene ambiance of the pool area.

3. The in-lobby entertainment was fantastic. The hotel had a pianist playing in the evening and hubby and I went down after dinner for a brief listen. It was nice and much appreciated by my love, who is also a musician.


Here’s a quick 10 point rating of all the things I experienced during my stay at the Shangri-la Toronto (**1-10| 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest)

STAFF: (Concierge, food, check in agents) – 10, actually 20

FOOD: (Breakfast, Late night room service) – 10

ROOM: (Decor, cleanliness, bed comfort, temperature, view) – 10


OVERALL: 10 * I seriously can’t find anything bad to say. Maybe, if you don’t like being treated with 5 star service you’d hate this place lol


Thanks for reading! Have a look at some links from the hotel for more.

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