Frequently Asked Questions: All your technology, haircare and blog strategy questions answered

Thanks for dropping in. You’re likely here because maybe you’ve in boxed me a question before, or left me a comment I was never able to answer. I’ve been getting a lot of messages lately on Instagram and sometimes I’m able to read them and not give them the time it truly needs. I thought it would be a good idea to answer some of the more frequently asked questions here. I sectioned them off generally with headings pertaining to specific topics.

Of course, if there are any other – Please leave them in the comments section! Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


How do you edit your pictures to get the grey theme on Instagram? I use the quick selection tool on photoshop to highlight my background, and then I turn the saturation down until it turns grey. Sometimes, before I do this I have to colour correct the photo in my camera raw editor. * Please keep in mind that you will have to be familiar with photoshop to understand what I mean. I do plan however to make a video for Youtube documenting this someday soon. 

What camera do you use? I use a Canon t2i body *Nothing fancy, but I work with what I have

What lens do you use? Sigma EX 35mm prime lens 1:1.4

Can I edit my pictures on my phone? Absolutely. You can download Photoshop for your phone. Check out this article by FORBES for some other really amazing photo editing apps for IOS, Android, Windows)


How to grow your Instagram following?

There are many strategies and tactics you can use:

  1. Engagement: COMMENT on as many photos as you can and LIKE the photos as well
  2. Generate comments on your posts quickly after they are posted. Commenting on other posts frequently can help with this. I invite people to check out my posts when I leave them a comment and this has helped me gain great exposure. You can also look into comment pods to help * I don’t use pods currently.
  3. Post consistently (each day if possible)
  4. Post extremely high quality photography and plan out your posts to get a cohesive feeling account
  5. Tag photos to be featured on feature accounts with higher follower counts (For example: I tag my outfits and have been featured on many accounts such as (WINNERS, WeAreToThe9s and FashionCanadians to name a few).

How did you become a social media marketer?

I interned my way to the title. I did three internships in the industry and then started to market myself as a SSM. I’d advise finding work in this industry as a way to learn on the job. It’s the best way. Watch this video on how to become a social media marketer to get an idea about the skills you need.

What services do you offer as a social media marketing?

  1. Posting and engagement services
  2. Content creation (blog writing and graphics for social media ETC.)
  3. Creative consultation
  4. Social media strategy development(for growth, sales, visibility etc)
  5. Contest and giveaway management

Would you like to do a collaboration? On YT or IG

I’m available for collaborations if they make sense for me. Email: [email protected] and describe the idea briefly. If I don’t respond, please don’t be offended – it means it wasn’t a good fit.


What do you use in your hair? *These are my current products

Shampoo: Giovanni shampoo

Deep Conditioner: Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deeper moisture conditioner

Leave-In: Garnier Whole Blends Shea Butter Leave-In

Oil: Sweet Almond Oil

Moisturizer: Bella Curls curl cream

How do you do your hair like that (Pertaining to my go to (twist out) hairstyle on my natural hair)?

Here is a video I made on YouTube detailing my favourite hairstyle – The twist-out. Have some fun looking around the page, there are more videos like my washday routine and even how I stretch my natural hair.

How did you grow your hair?

Tender love and care. I started my hair care regimen in 2011 and had very short hair after a cut. I grew my hair (in a relaxed state) for two years and then decided to transition to natural hair for two years. I’ve been natural now for about a year now.

Here is my regimen:

WASH: Once a week


MOISTURIZE MY HAIR: Two times a week and seal with an oil

NO HEAT (Well minimal. I used heat when I trim my hair to get it straight. I’ve done this once since going natural)

LOW MANIPULATION STYLING: Buns, braid-outs, twistouts etc.

What do you do to maintain and define your curls?

Here is a video of how I define my curls. I use Eco styler gel.


How do I bypass fear and start my business?

I don’t know the answer to this and I don’t believe I’ve bypassed fear. I still don’t even think I’ve truly dove into what I want to do 100%, but I do know that I have a vision for my life that I can’t let go of. Most times I feel like I am crawling, but I won’t stop. You have to find out your greatest motivation and cling to that to keep going.

What I do know is that starting when you aren’t perfect is the only place you CAN start. If you want to blog, don’t commit to being a good or great blogger – commit to just being one (period) and starting. Progress comes with consistency, trial and error.

Advice on breaking into the modelling world?

I’m not a model, but what I would do is use Instagram as a portfolio of what I could do. Have amazing pictures taken of you often and then reach out to agencies with your hopes and photos. Keep emailing until you get a nudge or at least advice on how to get started. Ou, and Google is your greatest friend. Use it to research and read about how others did it and make a roadmap for yourself.

Can you be my mentor/digital friend?

I’d love to, but simply am a limited resource. I know mentorship can happen in many forms however. Some of my mentors are coaches on YouTube. Think outside of the box when it comes to mentorship.

How long have you been doing social media marketing as a business?

Two years (however since getting pregnant, I have placed client services on hold to focus on my blog). I still take on clients, but it has to be something I am extremely passionate about because of time and energy constraints.

Where do you find clients?

Most of my clients have come to word of mouth. I also talk about what I do a lot, and people come to me when they need what I offer.

How do you convince social media clients that your services are valuable and necessary?

I don’t. I used to exhaust myself trying to explain to potential clients why social media is important. The truth is, if the client doesn’t find value in the process, then they will only be a client for a short period. This is something that I’ve leaned by experience.

Now, I present myself – send a proposal and leave it in their hands. It’s best to work with passionate people who understand that building a social presence takes time and are willing to invest the time and resources into it.

If you are looking for a way to get clients, start on Fiverr (an online service platform for freelancers.) You can get clients from all over the world. The pay isn’t spectacular, but it’s a good place to start to exercise your skills.

Do you outsource, or do everything yourself? (Do you have a team?)

I do everything myself (with the help of my wonderful husband). I typically take on three projects at a time to have time for it all. You can only find out your threshold by starting – pushing yourself too far – and then restructuring.


Do I need a professional camera to start a blog?

No, even though truthfully you should EVENTUALLY get one. In all honesty, some phones produce amazing quality photos. If I were starting to blog today I’d start there. I started blogging with a digital camera and then saved up for an entry level DSLR  that I still use today. I’d like to update it, but only will once my blog can pay for it.

So – BEGIN, with what you have – but you might want to save up to get your first camera along the way.

Advice on starting a beauty blog?

My blog isn’t a beauty blog, but from what I know about blogging in general – start trying out products and reviewing them. Start with the products you currently use. If you don’t have the finances to buy new beauty products (ask friends, family for samples of what they use) try it – and review it. I used to do this with clothes when I first started blogging. I’d borrow, style, photograph and return my friend’s clothes. No shame, just find a way to get going to show off my styling skills.

How to make a living blogging?

There are many ways. Here a just a few that I personally use –

  1. Brand partnerships
  2. Brand sponsorship
  3. Affiliate links
  4. Ad revenue

Here are other ways –

  1. Selling courses
  2. Guest posting
  3. Selling digital products
  4. Selling physical products
  5. Teaching
  6. Book deals
  7. Podcasts
  8. Much more …

Where do you get all your clothes?

I buy them (mostly) or receive them from brands. As I said before, when I started and didn’t make as much money – I borrowed clothes in order to be able to create content.


How do you choose locations for pictures?

My social platforms have a specific vibe. I choose outdoor locations that typically are devoid of trees and greenery. I like to shoot by the side of the road and in front of concrete grey buildings. It helps me edit the pictures according to my theme which you can see here. Have a look at my Instagram and read this article about some places I like to shoot in the city I live in.

Can you give me some tips on outfits?

Wear what you like and what you are comfortable in. Everyone has a different style and audience. You can look online for outfit inspiration, but make it your own. Try on the outfit before you wear it to make sure you like the combination you’ve put together.


What do you do?

I do it all. I am currently a freelance writer (I write articles for FLARE Magazine), blogger, social media marketer (freelance/self employed), I build websites, occasional speaker/host, and work in administration at the Medical Council of Canada on a contract basis.

Does anyone style you?


Are you a designer?


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