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Happy Saturday to you all : ) Hope everyone is resting well — GOOD!

I have a question for you today … If you were to describe your speech in one word what would it be? What do your words look like? Odd question huh? What I mean by this is whenever you open your mouth to speak — whether it be to yourself or to a friend, a family member or your significant other — Do you find the words you choose to be positive, negative, or neutral? In general that is? Do you find your self whining and complaining about every situation, or do you make the best of it?

I am guilty of oftentimes falling in the negative category — Yup, I cant even lie! I recently heard somewhere that it has been scientifically proven that if a person tells a particular lie for long enough, they will begin to believe that the lie is true. Hmm — So imagine we repeated positive things, and used the same theory on repeating good things concerning ourselves and others – CONSISTENTLY. The words we speak would become reality! 

The bible says in Proverbs18:21 that Death and Life are in the power of the tongue, and those that love it will eat its fruits. Interesting enough, when we look to the bible we can remember the man in Cappernaum [John 4:50] who’s son was dying. Jesus simply spoke a word of LIFE saying “Go, your son will live”, and because the man believed him, his son’s life was spare. Jesus didn’t have to touch the boy or go near to him, he just spoke! God has instilled in his creation the same ability to declare life and death unto any situation! But we tend to forget …  

I dare us to begin to speak positively, regardless of what we are going through. This is easier said than done. Trust me I know there are some pains and hurt in life seem unbearable. But I encourage you to try today! When you face a temporary hurdle open your mouth and confess that the situation is well and that although you can’t seem to see the victory, that it’s on its way — and surely you will resurrect that situation. Whatever you want to be in life, envision it and repeat it to yourself each day — even if you don’t fully believe at the moment. SOMETHING WILL CHANGE! Take this summer and try it — openly and honestly — Speak life into YOURself and others each day and see what the Lord’ll do!

We live in a microwave generation, but we serve a Crockpot God – Jentenzen Franklin [Wait on him]

Thanks for reading, see you soon. xx

Kristina A. 


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