Touch Of Rouge

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Hey Friends!

Its been awhile, but I know all is well! The blog got slightly refaced and I must say I am diggin’ the changes ! Hope you like !!

Check out to have a look @ the woman’s blog who “turnt up” my site for me. [LOL … I probably will never use that phrase again; #MarkMyWords #First&Last]. Her blog is amazing for encouragement through the word of God and testimony! 

Anyways… Even though it’s springtime, it’s seeming like we haven’t fully let go of the winter chill where I’m living!! It’s taking a while to break our ties with the cold ! [Ugh], but this bi-polar weather was my true inspiration for this minimalism look — I feel like, based on the way the weather is behaving — I will have to add color incrementally this Spring. As depressing as this revelation is, at least I can relish in the joy I once received from the sun in my West49 Post where I was ecstatic about what appeared to be springtime and riding the color wave. For now I’m back to black; but with a touch of ROUGE that is!

Look down below for the outfit details! Until next time, God Bless!

D E E T E Z: 

Thrifted Shirt  Urban Planet Pants  H&M Bag ✌ Zara Heel✌ Winners Belt ✌ The Bay Bracelet and Ring 

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