3 tips on wearing a dress in the Winter


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I have a serious problem with investing in pieces specifically for Winter. Can I get a witness, or is it just me? I don’t know why but I’ll always forego getting a sweater or turtleneck and rather I’ll get a tank or skirt instead. The way I look at it is, I hate Winter so why glorify it by adorning my body in it’s knits and mitts? (lol). I invest heavily in is a good button down sweater or throw over that I can put on easily, a warm winter coat and boots that can keep my toes warm. That’s just me however 😉

On that note, I’ve really gotten into wearing skirts and dresses in the Winter. With the snowy backdrops of where I live, I find a dress or skirt (Winter-fied) is a lovely sight. I do it all the time and would like to offer you 3 tips on wearing a dress for Winter’s to come. Let’s dive right it!

  1. Invest in a nice neutral coloured turtleneck: So – I did say that I seldom buy pieces for Winter, BUT for the purpose of incorporating my summer pieces into my Winter wardrobe I got one this year #Guilty. By investing in the one I’m wearing, I can slip it under any sleeveless dress I want to wear without compromising the look. I made sure to get a creme coloured top because the majority of my jackets are black and I wanted to create some contrast. And … because it’s a neutral colour, I won’t have to give much thought to whether it’ll match what I want to pair it with.

2. Thick cotton stocking with a flannel lining will be your friend: I never leave the house in a dress without the stockings I’m wearing in the picture. I’m sure I got them from the dollar store – and they are very warm! These will hug your legs and the flannel lining will create the warmth you need when wearing a skirt or a dress. If you have trouble finding stockings on the thicker side, another option would be to double up on regular stockings. I don’t mean the thin tights for the office, but rather stockings with a medium body in terms of thickness. By layering two together, you’ll be able to achieve the thickness of the ones I’m wearing.

3. Opt for dresses and skirts on more mild Winter days: Now, as enthusiastic as you can tell I am about leaving summer clothes in the closet year round, you’ll never catch me in a dress in -30 degree weather. Wont be me friends lol! I tend to wear my dresses on more mild Winter days and suggest the same for you. Winter is vicious, but those who live in frigid climates know it isn’t always blowing snow and minus 50. When God gives us a weather break, take advantage of it and slay in your summer wear!

Thanks for reading. Check below for the outfit details. Until next time 😉

3 tips on wearing a dress in the Winter

3 tips on wearing a dress in the Winter





 Jacket: Banana Republic || Stockings: Dollar store baby || Dress: H&M (One that will work) || Turtleneck: Aritzia ||

Shoes: Le Chateau




  • Reply January 13, 2016


    As soon as I saw this post on Insta, I *ran* over here to read it! The dress is lovely. Like you, I find it hard to invest in winter clothing but the old body can’t take it anymore. This winter, I have been leaning toward warmer pieces. I shall take your tips and let you know if I freeze to death! lol xo


    • Reply January 13, 2016


      Haha love it! Girl let me know if you do, so I can take this down LOL *jokes. Thanks for reading JENMIA <3

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