#GODGOALS: 3 Things I’m doing to stay on track spiritually


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Number one on my list of resolutions (if you may) would have to be my #GodGoals. Not my #SquadGoals or #HairGoals or #relationshipGoals, that too will come , but every year I make all these promises to myself about various things I’ve identified as [Needing Improvement] in my life. My spiritual life makes #1 time and time again.

You guessed it, It’s no different this year ya’ll. For the past 5 years God and all things involving my relationship with him have been front and center. Now that might sound like an impressive statement, but here’s why it really isn’t. The focus that I put on my relationship with God is honestly 70% in my mind, out of good intention and 40% actionable steps towards growing and staying nourished as a believer.

I like many other believers can relate. Or maybe I’m the only here who needs to be worked on, I donno. I can say with confidence that I don’t have much ‘Call out’ sinful behavior lurking anywhere in my life – that isn’t the problem for me. But rather disciplining myself to studying and having constant communication with God is my dimple. As I result, I always need all this encouragement when things look glum and that’s not the tone of a powerful daughter of God.

In my last outfit of the day blog post I talked about the 2 words that I’m living by this year and I’m not joking ya’ll, It’s going to happen because I’m living with an “even if I don’t feel like it, I gotta do it” philosophy. I think it’s important for Christians to discipline themselves in the way we do for our careers and other relationships when praying and studying God’s word. No? So my #GodGoals this year are to be an example privately. I’m a not horrible guy – I do spend time with God, but I want more and I know I can give God more.

These are the 3 things I’m doing to ensure DAILY quality time in the presence of God. I may not be perfect, but I can surely strive to develop a routine that pleases the one who is.

  1. Each month my husband and I are reading a small portion of scripture that we’ll devote ourselves to reading over and over and over until we can lecture on it.
  2. I’m choosing memory verses the good ol’ Sunday school way to put to memory each month.
  1. Spending QUALITY time with God MUST BE the first thing I do daily. #NOGODNOBREAKFAST lol

Thanks for reading. Until we meet again *While nodding mysteriously*



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