Weirdo Sweater

weirdo sweater


JEANS || SWEATER – FOREVER 21 [No longer Available Online] || SHOES – JC SHIRES [ No longer available online] || BAG 

Who, like me, is a little weird some days and unashamed to admit it. I love graphic tee’s and sweaters like this Weirdo sweater from Forever 21, inspired by the 3.1 Phillip Lim Weirdo T-shirt! They’re a propagation of the self expression found in choosing your own outfit according to your personal style. In this case, graphic tops with words like this Weirdo sweater speak to the world and makes an obvious declaration of who you could be or would you’d like to be regarded as. I’m not by any means saying that I would like people I’m not familiar with to think I’m a weirdo upon meeting or seeing me. That’s the fun part in wearing printed tops, they are not to be taken literally and no one does anyhow. For example, the GEEK tee that has become ever so trendy doesn’t literally convey that each wearer is a dedicated book worm who fits this stereotypical mold; instead wearing a shirt that says GEEK on it, though you may not be, can be seen as the effect of your sense of humour.

I had to make this WEIRDO sweater mine when I saw it at Forever 21. At times I’m a little weird and I’m sure many can relate. Make sweater weather fun this year. There’s an abundance of great trends that can be easily transitioned onto a sweater for Fall. For instance, the summer’s ‘Color Blackout’ trend as referred to by ELLE Canada can be easily  brought into fall. I loved black and white this summer and am excited to bring it into Fall. I’m on the search for a sweater that is Black on the front and White on the back [Or vise-versa] Let me know if you’ve seen one.

Get creative this Fall! Have fun with sweater weather and don’t shy away from with clear self expression found in printed sweaters like this Weirdo sweater.

xx kouturekitten

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Weirdo sweater

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Thank you gorgeous girl !! Love these JC’s ! Im such a JC girl ! MUAH — Ill be over to visit soon!

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