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It’s that time of year again where in my opinion the weather starts to play tricks on us. It’s Fall time, the sun is out, yet the mornings and evenings can be a tad nippy. Indecisive weather I call it! I’m surely overjoyed that Mr. Sun has decided to stay awhile, but the shifty weather can leave many people unsure of how to dress during the midday highs and evening lows. I’ve got a couple of suggestions on how to combat the dual weather of October. Here is a fall outfit idea that incorporates each suggestion modelled by my super stylish blogger friend Reem. Keep these things in mind –

1. Don’t shy away from showing a little leg – We are in mid October so depending on where you live you may be running out of time to take advantage of this suggestion. I’ve looked into the weather in my city and have concluded that this tip will be relevant for about a week more. Don’t neglect to check the weather! By keeping your shorts and skirts out of storage for a little while longer you will be able to remain cool during the warm afternoons. Opt for a thicker fabric such as leather as Reem is wearing to add some warmth to the outfit as evening approaches. Leather has been said to be the the new denim, so you can’t go wrong with it for fall.

2. Any top will do – When I wear a pair of shorts or a skirt during indecisive weather I choose to wear a lightweight long sleeved blouse on top. In this look, Reem is wearing a lace embellished top from Aritzia. It isn’t long sleeved and it does not necessarily have to be; however, I choose to go with a little bit more fabric up top because I am easily chilled. What you decide to put on top does not matter too much [Just make sure the outfit flows and that the pieces compliment each other] because you will conclude the look with a –

3. Fall coat or button up wooly – Top off your look with a Fall coat or sweater. In this look Reem went with an ‘oversized’ fall coat by Wilfred. ‘Oversized’ is always a good idea! ‘Oversized’ coats and sweaters are super stylish and cozy for your fall outfit idea. The extra fabric provides you with a shield if the temperature begins to drop or if the wind starts to blow.

Feel free to wear sandals, flats or booties with your fall look! Make this decision by assessing the weather first. For a little more warmth go with a full shoe; on a warmer day opt for a sandal. Apply the same idea when deciding whether you would need to leave the house in a sweater or jacket. Sweaters on the warmer days, and a jacket when the daytime highs are low! Layering is another stylish option that will help you keep warm, and is great for incorporating into any fall outfit idea. Have some fun and use these tips to avoid over or under dressing for the months of indecisive fall weather!

Thanks for reading! Check out Reem’s blog here and follow her on Instagram for outfit inspiration!

xx- kouturekitten

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