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I’ve missed this precious outlet of mine. My WordPress dashboard was beginning to appear very foreign to me, but I’m home again. I treasure the moments when I get to sit at my laptop with a cup [of something] by my side as I bring a post to life. I’ve had a blast thus far and can you believe it’s already been ONE WHOLE YEAR ! I’ve been extremely blessed through this blog as I have been able to connect with and inspire an audience I would otherwise never have access to. ONLINE ROCKS and it’s been rocking my world for a whole year! I am truly appreciative to anyone who has ever taken the time to read a post or comment | Or even those who visit for the pictures – I LOVE YOU.  To celebrate this joyous day I’ve decided to wear winter white!

Before I continue onto the look, I want to share a very exciting move with you. I recently moved to Toronto [GTA to be exact] (From Ottawa) to work as an intern for ELLE CANADA! I’m so thankful to God, who I owe every blessing to. I will be an intern for the next 4 months and am looking forward to every second of it. I’ve already begun the experience and I must say that I’m privileged to be under the supervision of some of the most kind and encouraging women I’ve ever met. The atmosphere on the 4th floor of the tall Sheppard Avenue skyscraper is inviting and light. I LOVE IT and I am ready to WORK!

I can truly say that trusting in Jesus and making him the center of my universe has been the greatest investment ever made. It’s not always the easiest option seeing that when I was first saved I had to lose a-lot of friends and make countless changes that stemmed from nasty habits I had developed through adolescence. It’s obviously easy to praise God and love him when great things are happening; however, my true desire this year is to seek a deeper connection. I would love to trust God even more and not depend on him SOLELY for his handiwork. Good things WILL come as a believer, but it’s deeper and bigger than the opportunities God makes for you to achieve the desires of your heart. Remember, the bible does say in Psalm 145:18 that the Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth. Key word being TRUTH.

OUTFIT: Today I decided to wear my Winter White ‘s courtesy of Zara. This infamous skort has made a return and this time I paired it with a crimson white blazer. I added an Osolee choker and Zara pointed toes for a sprinkle of class.

Thanks for reading once again and I can’t wait for what 2014 has to offer – Physically and Spiritually!  Check out some of my favourite posts from 2013 HERE | HERE HERE HERE | and HERE

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