September Wishlist


Here today with my wishlist for September! I want to begin putting together a wishlist post each month that provides visuals of the things that I’ve been itching to get my hands on! Who knows, maybe some of the items you’ve been wishing for will be seen on my list! Now, I guess I should start off by saying that some of the items found on my lists may be simply unattainable for a new grad like myself, but [hey] a girl can dream. Let’s dream together !

1. The first item on my wishlist is a pair of Jeffrey Campbell ‘Don’t Care’ patent leather sandal heels! [Ain’t they puuurty lol]. I am a sucker for anything black and gold. I normally do not like patent leather heels, but I absolutely love these. The color is multifunctional and the heel looks sturdy enough to feel comfortable all day long.

2. Ok, so who doesn’t like Tom Ford anything! Designer Tom Ford has captured the fashion world by storm with his attention to detail. He also has a line of beauty products that are housed in gorgeous casing! My favorite lip color in Ford’s collection is a gorgeous violet called ‘Bruised Plum’. I’ve been looking for the perfect plum lip color for Fall and think this may be it [The price makes my love an imperfect one however lol].

3. The third item is a pair of delicate gold spike earrings from nastygal (ecommerce store). I love them because they are just the cutest dainty earrings that create an illusion of the spike protruding on both sides of the earlobe! How Cool!

4. Last but least, and probably the item on my list that I WILL try hardest to get my hands on are these all white Sarong Pants from Zara. Been searching high and low for these in Canada ever since I saw them on and am not sure if they are yet to arrive, or if I completely missed these in store. My favorite item of the summer was the Zara Skort and now there is a ‘SPANT’ [Skirt and pants]! I got to have them!

Click through the links to get a better look at the items mentioned! Thanks for reading : )

xx Kouturekitten

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